Call of Juarez 1 vs. Call of Juarez 2 - screenshot comparison

Call of Juarez: Bound in Blood is not only a great game, but it also looks awesome. But how does Call of Juarez: BiB compare to its predecessor? Cynamite has launched a duel between both games, comparing similar scenes from the two western shooters.

The outstanding quality of Call of Juarez: Bound in Blood has been a surprise to much of the gaming landscape, especially since the predecessor was a bit of a disappointment.

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crazy17043484d ago

nice job, Ubisoft! This game looks awesome and I didn't have it on my radar up till now. Reviews look promising as well. Instant buy!!

neotom3484d ago

wow, I didn't thougt that the new one would look so much better than the first one.

Transporter473484d ago

looks a lot better in my computer then on those screen shots lol, i wonder how the second one looks i'm almost done with the first one so i will c how better it looks by my own eyes :)