Valve: Someone's always going to complain

Online criticism of Left 4 Dead 2 may have been unavoidable, according to Valve's Chet Faliszek.

"I once joked that we could put $20 in a box and charge $10 for it, and someone's going to complain," Faliszek told earlier this week. "And that's just fine - that's just the way it is."

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locos853392d ago

What's with all this Valve stuff lately?

njr3392d ago

"I don't want to develop for PS3! It's too hard! Its a waste of time! They should start over!"

Leathersoup3392d ago

Heh except that Valve isn't actually complaining about the PS3. They're explaining why they're not developing for the PS3 because the fans are complaining that the games aren't showing up.

Leathersoup3392d ago

Hahah Cry Some More!! Cry Some More..

Dude4203392d ago

This comment is very true.

This is especially true on N4G, no matter how many times we've explained to the Valve haters the reason for not developing for PS3, they will always bash valve for being "Too lazy" and "Too Whiney".

Valve is a small development team and it wouldn't make any business sense to develop for the PS3. It's not because they can't do it, it's because there are no benefits developing for the PS3.

El Botto3392d ago

There is a reason behind the recent complaints.

But Valve has clearly made up their minds.

HarukoHex3392d ago


and those same ps3 fans wonder why valve won't make a game for the system, like all game devs, they have ears everywhere.

da720izcumin3392d ago

the sony boys complain...
then they call them names...
then say they don't need valve...
then they go home and cry themselves to sleep...
to the 360 people that are complaining, grow up, either you buy the game or you don't.
no need to throw hissy fit about the sequel, when you get to play 2 great games while the sony

jessupj3392d ago (Edited 3392d ago )

Do you hear many of us complaining that gears isn't on our system? Maybe that's because you didn't hear Epic yelling at the top of their voices that 'Ps3 sucks, it's a waste of time, sony should start over', And therefore you haven't heard the cries of the sony fans on that issue.

Please don't be so arrogant, you know this fact damn well yet here most of you are complaining about complaining fanboys who think they got butthurt because they can't play valve games. Can you see the irony?

We wouldn't be having the discussion if instead of saying would valve did, they said
'The 360 has very similar architecture to the pc and that is why we can easy port our games to that platform. However we are a small team and it wouldn't be a financially smart idea at this point in time to port our games to the ps3'

So please tell me why we arn't butt hurt at any other exclusive 3rd party 360 games?

rockleex3392d ago

No one bashes Epic for not bringing Gears to the PS3. Because Epic hasn't bashed the PS3.

No one bashes Ubisoft for not bringing Spinter Cell Conviction to the PS3.

Here's a link to Gabe's comments about the PS3. He doesn't even talk about how difficult it is to program for the PS3. He just straight up bashes it.

YogiBear3392d ago

Valve has always had an elitist attitude. Some would call it confidence but I call it simple arrogance. I'm not one to complain about what system they develop for because I don't give a sh!t. They made my favorite FPS of all time(Half-Life) but that does not mean I have to worship their company or their professional conduct. Gabe Newell has said very dumb things about not just the PS3 but consoles in general for as long as Valve has been a company. You guys think everyone is out to defend the Playstation from Valve but your short sighted. The Left 4 this series is technically the only franchise has worked on this generation and if that's the case you can keep Valve. I have all three systems by the way.

thesummerofgeorge3392d ago

And they'd be well advised to listen to those complaints.

Raz3392d ago (Edited 3392d ago )

And across the forum, there's an article quoting Valve as looking for good PS3 coders.

Oh, the irony...

FamilyGuy3391d ago (Edited 3391d ago )

"The game is more than worth the price tag so shut up."

Dude4203391d ago (Edited 3391d ago )

Look at all you guys trying to bash Valve, again coming up with BS that just seems to fitting to you only. You know what you guys remind me of, Simple Jack, that's right...Simple Jack.

"Bu...Bu...Mamma! Dey said dat they dun like dat PS3 no moe!!! Dey said du...du...dumb tings about dat PS3 mamma!!!!"

Let me make more sense of what's happening, and hopefully you will comprehend this. The reason why Valve doesn't develop for PS3 is because they are a small team and a dedicated PC developing company. Taking the time to switch from PC to PS3 wastes a lot of time AND money, so it wouldn't make sense.

When Valve develops a game, their primary platform is the PC, the ONLY reason their games come on the 360 is guessed it, the 360 has similar architecture to the PC, so it's an easy port. Their engine on the PS3 however, will end up in a huge mess, just like TF2.

Whenever I see people bashing Valve, it will always be related to the console wars, PC always gets left out. If any of Valve's games never existed on the 360, these arguments would never exist.

Now since it's known that Valve are looking for PS3 coders, it seems like they ARE taking an interest in the PS3. If it works out, shouldn't we all be happy that their games are coming on all platforms (except for Wii)? Why hate on Valve when they decide what they think is right?

DR0Z03391d ago

"Someone's always going to complain"

In this case, over 37,000+ people are going to complain.

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ThatStankyDrank3392d ago

what they're doing with L4D2 is putting a 20 dollar game in a 40/60 dollar case?

jdktech20103392d ago

That's your opinion but I'm pretty sure the people who have played the heck out of L4D think they got their money's worth out of it. I don't have the first just because I didnt have the money to get it but I'm gonna buy the 2nd one day one so I could care less

ASSASSYN 36o3392d ago

I know I got my money worth out of it. L4D was a blast to play.

vx3392d ago (Edited 3392d ago )

as long as they can f00l ppl and those every same ppz will still pay for it again,, yah it will be $60. easy money baby ill do the same thing if i got da chance :D whta more fun than developing DLC based game in less than 5 months and sale it for da price of a full game (1-3 years of development)? ill go with the former one hahaha F00L da F00Ls and get der $$

Kurylo3d3392d ago

I played teh heck out of left 4 dead... i still dont think l4d2 is worth full price... i dont even think left 4 dead 1 was worth full price... its a fun half life 2 mod... 30 dollars would be a good price.

kissmeimgreek3392d ago

i know i got my moneys worth pput of it. i got the game in november and have yet to grow bored of any campaigns and ill be plaing it until next november and know that im still getting my moneys worth.

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Serg3392d ago

People will complain if they see reason to complain. Well ok these days people just make up things so they have a reason to b!tch. I stopped counting those ridiculous and baseless "Sony is doomed" articles that came out just this week.

But for you it's simple, Valve, don't give reasons to complain. By throwing so much free stuff at your community and then releasing a sequel to a game that feels unfinished, just one year after it's release, that qualifies as a reason.

PS: I am talking about the PC community, the 360 portion of Left 4 dead or any other Valve game is not even worth mentioning. Just in case you were wondering about the "free stuff" you haven't recieved. PC is where the party is.

DuneBuggy3392d ago (Edited 3392d ago )

Uhh..What reason would that be again?

Valve announced no more support for L4D? Actually I read differently from them. Whos right?
Game feels unfinished? Its the highest rated,still popular to this day "unfinished game" ive ever seen.
I think ole Chet jokingly made a legitiment point.

Oh and maybe the PC is where the parties at.
But im not into Michael Jackson mods,user created RE inspired levels, or being able to play as a nude Zoey.
This "elitest" PC mentality is silly IMO. Looking down upon the console owners....
Games fun to me in its original form, and thats all that really matters to ME.

Baka-akaB3392d ago

Well you knew you'd get less content in a 360 version anyway , and still got it .

If you cared that much about the extra content , you'd have bought the PC version , or no version then .

The game isnt fun because of some free or paid dlcs , it already in it's bare and naked state . If it aint so for you guys , maybe you shouldnt have bought a game just because it's popular , tried it first , and ponder instead weither or not getting the game is worth it to begin with .

This is getting silly , if you dont enjoy the game already in it's original state , you wont magically start loving it with freebies and dlcs .

kissmeimgreek3392d ago

i got the 360 version and love it. i have yet to see any mod that on the PC version that really sets the two ersions apart. and sure id be glad to get it on PC but i dont feel like wasting 100s of dollars to update myPC and have to constantly update my hardware every few months. the 360s fine for me IMO

Turntable Jack3392d ago

so 20,000 people don't want L4D. too bad it is going to sell millions

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