Star Wars Battlefront: Elite Squadron Walkthrough

LucasArts guides through the latest upcoming Battlefront title.

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ThanatosDMC3393d ago (Edited 3393d ago )

I hope the spaceship battles play like Warhawk... HECK! I hope it's Star Wars version of Warhawk with Jedi's and mechs!!! It'll be almost a perfect multiplayer game.

Edit: Nvm... got my hope up. It's for the PSP. Where's that leaked footage of next gen Battlefront?


Star Wars: Battlefront 3 for the PS3:

guitarded773393d ago

That is OLD news, alot has happend sice then and speculation is wild as of now. Nobody but Lucasarts and the current developer know where it is. FR has been bought out since then by Crytek, Rebellion was said to not have a handle on the next-gen version and many speculate SWBF3 is at Pandemic. If you want more info on this check out the Lucas Arts forum under SWBF2 and click the SWBF3 Speculation thread, we have been talking about this for years now.

ThanatosDMC3393d ago

Oops, you're right. I was too excited and missed when it was Dated July 9, 2008.

I thought i read, 2009 and it was written in the future.

wutangkillabees3393d ago

what happened to battlefront 3? battlefront 2 for ps2 was amazing and now there doing great things with the psp but what about ps3?

Ninjamonkey3393d ago

What about a ps3/360 version???

Battlefront 2 was brilliant but it never reached full potential.

Why not make it a real war, with 100 people???

I mean look at MAG, its perfectly possible.

ThanatosDMC3393d ago

Then it'll become a console exclusive for the PS3 if they do that... not that i'll complain.

DeadlyFire3393d ago

PC, PS3, X360 version was canned. Was in the works by Free Radical now Crytek UK in Fall of last year, but no word on it since then. Rebellion was working on PS2, Wii versions though I believe. They said something about doing the PC,PS3,X360 version as well, but I don't know. Nothing official has been said. I say Late 2010 is earliest you will see Battlefront 3 for PC, PS3, X360 maybe 2011 or later. Don't know about what versions Rebellion will have ready.

16 player online for PSP/DS is great numbers. Likely 32-64 players for PC, PS3, X360. I would hope anyway.

Flames9113392d ago

This game is going to be awsome!!!!!