TVG: Left 4 Dead 2 Q&A

Typically Valve's devout followers are used to waiting an eternity for a sequel to turn up. So when confirmation of Left 4 Dead 2 appeared at this year's E3 event, the acclaimed studio found itself on the end of an unsuspected backlash.

TVG recently had the opportunity to go Hands On with the sequel and discover the many improvements, additions and new content, but first they got a chance to speak to Valve's Doug Lombardi about the protest, commutability between the two games, and exactly how much content they can expect from the sequel.

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jdktech20103398d ago

Saw some new info in that one....I wonder what that new game mode is gonna be (unless I missed the announcement somewhere). I think it's completely justified what they're doing releasing in a new game and I can't wait until it comes out. Wish they would provide the PC specs needed so I can plan ahead (hopefully won't be too bad)