Two Worlds sequel this winter

Robert Purchese from Eurogamer writes:

"TopWare (now owned by Zuxxez) has announced a sequel to Oblivion-alike RPG Two Worlds. Memorably dubbed Two Worlds II, the game will appear on Mac, "next-gen consoles" and PC this winter.

The sequel has been in development for two years and makes "quantum leaps" in all areas, boasts the press release. AI has been overhauled, authors ditched and a brand-new combat engine employed. Not in place of the authors, obviously."

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Gamer_Politics3396d ago

who really cares about this series?

I did not murder him3396d ago

I thought they changed their minds about a PS3 version I'm probably wrong.

PC companies often say coming to consoles in a general sense, doesn't matter if a game is coming to three consoles or one.

BadKarmaSutra963396d ago

I almost played frizbee with the Two Worlds 1 dvd after the first 5 minutes. At the time it seemed I would get more enjoyment watching the disk soar across the room than listening to the horrible voice acting and awkward combat system. The graphics were fair but not good. In the end, I played the game all the way through. It had some good points like the glueable stackable gear that made improved equipment. And the stealth system sort-of worked.

I just hope in TW2 I dont have to hear "Prey tell, hast thou seen the eye of Varrendoom? Foresooth, it should be near." "Nay, sir, thou hast enetered the improper domain for such queries." "If thou doest not heed my warnings, mine guards shall impale thou thusly and thou shalt shuffle off thy mortal coil."

Egads. Even after 6 months the words echo through my mind. *bangs head*