If Deadwood were a game (G&M reviews Call of Juarez: Bound in Blood)

Globe and Mail says the action is standard and the graphics are weak, but the game's art, dialogue, acting, and sound still make it worth playing. From the review:

"...The credit, it seems to me, goes entirely to the game's artists. I'm referring not just to the people who designed the characters' travel-stained costumes and wonderfully authentic wooden buildings, but also those who crafted its authentic and engaging dialogue, the actors who breathed life into their characters, the sketchers who contributed the stylized black and white drawings seen between chapters, and the musicians who composed the game's period-perfect mariachi score. Their work is what kept the controller in my hands.

I loved watching my cowboys saunter around in their well-worn jeans, hats and trail coats, looking like they'd just as soon shoot pedestrians as look at them. I could almost smell the horse manure and sawdust wafting from the game's muddy, run-down frontier towns. I got a thrill from the ominous guitar strums heard during quick-draw shootouts and the galloping acoustic rhythms of more frenetic gunfights. And, more than anything, I wanted to see what the game's stars--a pair of self-absorbed, foul-mouthed siblings, plus a third who spouts biblical passages in an attempt to keep his reckless family on the path of righteousness--would do and say next as they struggled between loyalty to one another, their lust of a woman, and their obsession over a fabled treasure..."

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