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Myst3456d ago

Can't wait for this game!

Also you get a shakalaka this time instead of a Felyne..?

ThanatosDMC3455d ago (Edited 3455d ago )

DAMNIT! That last monster got me drooling... i want to kill it and make and armor/weapon out of it.

At this rate, if i keep seeing more MH3... i'll end up buying a Wii again. MOTHERFer!

Maybe we can customize our Felynes' armor/weapon?

3455d ago
ThanatosDMC3455d ago (Edited 3455d ago )

Oh yeah, for those that didnt know. MHP2G to MHFU conversion is now 100% possible for only one of your saved characters!!!

You'll need an account from them and then upload your whole folder of MHP2G save file (a folder called ULJM05500 in a rar file) then create a topic and wait for the converters to convert.

I wish they'd tell us how they convert the file though... it'd be much much faster though they get less traffic.

Note: They only accept mediafire and sendspace uploads. No megauploads.

knox3456d ago

this does look epic! can't wait!

ehkinoh3456d ago

This is looking great.

My Wii hasn't been hooked up for over half a year now... but that'll change when MH3 comes out. =)

Mo0eY3456d ago

This game would have been insanely awesome on a next gen console. Since Capcom's trying to suck out as much cash for it by going to the Wii, I'm not sure I want to play it even though it looks like a blast to play.

N4g_null3456d ago

I think it's the other way around they don't want a bill that the HD fans can not support. How many HD owners do you know that even have MH on a PSP let along a PSP they actually play regularly.

Myst3456d ago

*Raises hand slowly*

At least I try to fight a few of the wyverns every day :p, or get something done.

Mini Mario3455d ago (Edited 3455d ago )

"This game would have been insanely awesome on a next gen console. Since Capcom's trying to suck out as much cash for it by going to the Wii, I'm not sure I want to play it even though it looks like a blast to play."

You guys (fanboys) always complain that the wii has no good games (which is false btw), but when good games come out on the wii you complain.

Why complain about good games coming out for the wii if you dont want to see the wii having good games anyway >>> ? Its sounds VERY hypocritical...very fanboyish.

KingEamon3456d ago

Does anyone know if online play is going to be in it

Myst3456d ago

Yes, it will have online play just don't know 100% if it's pay to play online like Monster Hunter G was. Which was basically 800 points for 30 days of play time, 1,500 for 60 and 2,000 for 90 days.

2,000 points is 20.00, 1,500 is more than likely 15.00, and 800 is 8.00 -- Monster Hunter Tri~ Online information. - Monster Hunter G Online payment information.

P.S. I think the information is right, but lack of sleeping and burning/irritated eyes makes it hard to tell. Hopefully it is right though.

ThanatosDMC3455d ago

I hope there's no pay and play... if there is, this will be the first game i'll pay yearly subscriptions to till the next MH game comes out.

SpoonyRedMage3456d ago

looking good. I like the animations and the graphics are nice, but I think they could have been better.

I'm looking forward to The Crystal Bearers more though.:P

mastiffchild3455d ago

IDK about that Spoons-this looks like the best looking Wii game I've ever seen and not just by a little bit either. Put it this way when the next Zelda lands I'll be jubilant if it looks this good!

Which parts do you think they can do better? It looks pretty slick to me anyway-agree about Crystal Bearers though;)

SpoonyRedMage3455d ago

Nothing specific but there's some parts don't look nearly as good as others. It does really nice overall though, I'm not sure about best looking Wii title though, Super Mario Galaxy is pretty damn impressive in my opinion.

mastiffchild3455d ago

Yeah, SMG is very impressive(as are both Banjo and Ratchet on PS360 respectively and they get NO props at all for their looks!)but as it's cartoony/very saturated it can't relly be used as a guage can it? Because there is a more real feel and aesthetic to MH3 it's far easier to tell how well they've done.

Thinking about it even though VC got praise for the watercolour style it used last year noone ever compared it in the same league as Farcry2 or KZ2 either. It does seem as though, unless your game goes for photorealism ,it struggles to get the kudos it might deserve graphically. In the same way, with beautiful artstyle and clever lighting I also would prolly still have MP3 as one of the very best looking Wii games too-but again it's very stylised isn't it?

Anyway, while MH3 would , no doubt, have looked even more stunning on one of the HD consoles or PC there can't be any real issues with the way it looks as it's fantastically done from what we've seen so far.

God! Am I getting swine flu? Praising Capcom without a DC revival? He, must be something up with me!

SpoonyRedMage3455d ago

Yer, lots of games don't get the praise they deserve. It seems photo-realism is the only thing really appreciated. I like stylised stuff though.

Capcom should definately look to some of their franchises that people are asking for. They should let Camelot make the Breath of Fire game that they've been thinking about as well.

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