L4D2 Pre-orders Twice That of Original


Valve has told Eurogamer that pre-orders for Left 4 Dead 2 are twice what they were at this stage last time, despite the internet backlash and boycott threats.

"Our pre-orders are currently double what they were for Left 4 Dead 1 at this point in time away from launch," said Valve marketeer Doug Lombardi. "We're like 20 weeks out or something like that."

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JasonPC360PS3Wii3393d ago (Edited 3393d ago )

Even if it was on the PS3 it would still be 0 because droids don't buy games, only Blu-ray movies.

Dread3393d ago

í know this is the open zone but why star this sh#$

lets just be glad we get to play this baby.

and besides like any good sony fangirl would say "i am buying this for my PC" bla bla bla


Gamer_Politics3393d ago

yeah PS3 owners dont buy games they might aswell stop making them for that console and just release blu-ray movies

Stryfeno23393d ago

Maybe droids brought a 360 to play it...How else would the pre-orders double? Lol.

Defectiv3_Detectiv33392d ago

This is a rip-off if I ever saw one. I geuss if the PS3 lineup was that devoid of any good games L4D2 would be looking good to us too.

But really, this is nothing more than a glorified expansion pack. Just like L4D1, the value of this game will drop to under 20$ like 4-5 months after release. It's no wonder, everything about this game screams last gen, from the cookie cutter graphics to the clunky controls.

Like I said 360 owners are sheep, and the love getting ripped off. Valve doesn't have any other major titles releasing this year, so they are trying to pawn this off as a 60$ game. If I gave a damn, I would get the pirated PC version, which will probably leak like 2 weeks before the game even releases.

I only have a ps33392d ago

I wish I was one of those pre-orders.

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Gamertags3393d ago

Awesome and the second will be even better. Pre-order people!

Dread3393d ago

i second that

the game is juts pure gaming bliss and intensity.

i would not miss this one.

Chubear3393d ago

.. a whole hand full of salt. Come on, it's eurogamer for crying out loud.

SuperM3393d ago

Why would i preorder when i have the original? Might aswell keep playing Left4Dead 1 as it looks exactly the same. Valve can do whatever they want, but this does not look like a sequel, it looks like an expansion.

evrfighter3392d ago

I thought this came off as fishy.

Left 4 Dead 2 isn't even available for pre-order on steam yet. What pc gamer buys a Valve game from anywhere else? Think about it

This is xbox gamers shelling out their cash for mediocrity. Simple as that.

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3393d ago
The Meerkat3393d ago

Just proves that all publicity is good publicity.

Dread3393d ago

so true.

if i were a developer i would wish for a group of stupid fanboys to start petitions to boycott my game.

that will guarantee a million sells at least .. lol

heroicjanitor3393d ago

People who loved the first game naturally look out for the second one.

SuperM3393d ago

This has nothing to do with the boycotts. Its as simple as Left4Dead having a fanbase that naturally werent there before the game released. Ofcourse it will have more preorders, but will it actually sell better? To early to tell, but i have my doubts.

SpoonyRedMage3393d ago

How many of those are "boycotters"?

Dread3393d ago


prob. most of them.

hay3393d ago

I just wanted to write: And there goes the boycott.

heroicjanitor3393d ago

Probably every boycotter has preordered, since they must have been very into the first one.

SuperM3393d ago

lol, no... I could try to be funny and say probably all of them, but in all honesty none of these have signed the boycott petition. Im sure many people from the boycott might actually buy the game, but they wouldnt pre order it, and definately not this early. Its not like there is any real advantage with pre orders other then supporting Valve, which im pretty sure they arent willing to do quite yet.

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