Tekken 6 boss pleased by SFIV success

Tekken 6 director Katsuhiro Harada is very happy with the widespread success of Street Fighter IV, despite it arguably being a rival to his own game.

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ape0073393d ago

RESPECT,japanees developers respect each other not cough.....saints row 2 trailer cough...

bad move volition

Bnet3433393d ago

This happens all the time dude, it's not just Japanese devs.

wAtdaFck3393d ago

no, i think your exactly right

SupaPlaya3393d ago

milking their customer with DLC clothing...

Remember they said that "unlockables are so out of date..."

Baka-akaB3393d ago

Wich has yet to be a point for your arguments .

I mean the logic is quite silly to not say another word .
SF4 made you unlock colors (wtf ?) and still sold you costumes

So where is the correlation here ? Since when unlockables prevents dlcs ?

SupaPlaya3393d ago (Edited 3393d ago )

There was no argument here. I wasn't arguing with anyone. Just trying to point out the fact that there was an article yesterday which they say "unlockables are so yesterday". I just find it funny.

But back to your "argument". I just took the comment from them to mean that they are getting away with unlockable in order to try to sell more DLC. If they make enough $$ from DLC and people don't mind paying for it, what's to prevent them from changing what's normally unlockables to make you pay for everything?

RE5 multiplayer anyone?

"So where is the correlation here ? Since when unlockables prevents dlcs ? "
This is not a black and white type of deal here. One does not prevent the other. But having more DLCs where a company can get money for will more than likely drive them to have more DLC than to make free content in form of unlockables. Perhaps the development team have this great content that was meant for the users to unlock, but then the sales team looked at how well the SFIV DLC sold and may be like "why don't we make it a DLC??"

Baka-akaB3393d ago

But thing is some of you guys keeps repeating it , and it still got no correlation whatsoever .

All those "conspiracy" theories about ways to propose DLCs avails to nothing , when they already do propose whatever they can get away with anyway .

Since 2008 all or close to all next gen fighters proposed dlcs , and almost all of them were with unlockables , actually the worst offenders ( SF4 and sc4) had the most stuff to unlock so far .

hell it's even easier for games with unlockables , when you propose stuff like characters , items or full unlocks via dlc for newbies .

I'm not a fan of dlcs either , far from it even , but unlockables or not , they'll be there and their presence would only increase .

rockleex3393d ago

Tekken 5 DR HD for the PS3 had no DLC at all.

All the characters were unlocked to begin with, just like Tekken 6.

But all the extra costumes and clothing are unlocked through playing the game and getting money every time you win.

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Dante433393d ago

I'm probably going to buy Tekken 6 used, TAKE THAT Namco, you won't get my money.

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GameGambits3393d ago

Too bad BlazBlue is already a better game quality wise than SF4, and will probably blow T6 out of the water once you can compare and contrast.

Lolchaingun adventure mode in a fighting game. :/

Rockxy3393d ago

Blazblue looks like crap! that game sucks. stupid ass pansy characters, they look like the crap that comes with a happy meal.

Veneno3393d ago

You probably like it so much cause it's a button masher. I like the game too, but c'mon, you can map specials and super combos to the right stick! There went any kind of skill out the window. This game won't catch on to the big fighting game leagues.

Simon_Brezhnev3393d ago (Edited 3393d ago )

yeah you can map buttons but u can disable it its user friendly and you know that, blazblue is way more complex then sf4 cant say tekken 6 because i never played it

Baka-akaB3393d ago

more complex isnt equal to better game .
Each are different period .

And all 3 are pretty good . t6 is probably the weaker imo because of their late trend of abusing Juggles combos , but that's something that already was heavily present in Capcom and Arc fighting games too (houto no ken urg....)

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