DOG: The Ryan Lambie Column: Underused Video Game Locations

Ryan Lambie of Den Of Geek writes: "People who are good at programming, I've decided, are from space. How the hell do you people do it? I swear you're not human. Personally, I just about grasped Spectrum Basic, but when I attempted to learn Machine code I hit a brick wall.

Since then I've stared blankly at Fortran, scratched my head at PHP, sworn at C++ (and called it something beginning with C, in fact), and now find myself confounded even by something as apparently simple as Flash Script.

It all started last week, when I received a review copy of Call Of Juarez: Bound In Blood. It occurred to me, as I aimed a nineteenth century hand-cranked gattling gun at a platoon of Union soldiers, just how inexplicably rare games set in the Wild West are."

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