Blast Mag: Thoughts on Final Fantasy VII

Blast Magazine writes: "It's funny, you know: many of those that grew up with Final Fantasy VII, or were first introduced to the series on the Playstation with Cloud and his partners from AVALANCHE, never understood why the 16-bit predecessor Final Fantasy VI was a big deal. After all, where were the computer graphic cut scenes, or the detailed 32-bit backgrounds, presented in a somewhat isometric style?

The SNES didn't have the same horsepower, and due to heavy marketing by Squaresoft that showed off the then-impressive cut scenes involving Cloud, Aeris and the villainous Sepiroth, the game was a hit - the biggest Final Fantasy success at that point as well as the biggest since. It was hard to argue with that, even for the early adopters who knew that FFVI, on the strength of its wonderful narrative, fantastic characterization, its heavy flirting with more open-ended, western styled role-playing games combined with traditional Japanese elements and its steampunk aesthetic, was the superior title, 16-bits or not."

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Xof3447d ago really shouldn't be playing games. At all. The whole idea of the "Graphics whore" represents everything that's wrong with the industry.

On the subject of FFVII... I would say it's my favorite Final Fantasy. I played through the series in reverse order after finishing FFX, so there's no "nostalgia" at play for me. I wouldn't call FFVI superior... good, but I didn't like it as much (it never "grabbed" me).

As for this "WRPG" nonsense... the first final fantasy to embrace the type of gameplay we commonly attribute to "WRPGs..." that was FINAL FANTASY.

You know, the very first one.