Strategy Informer: Tekken 6 Preview

The King of Iron Fist Tournament returns once again, for yet another round of overblown fisticuffs, boxing kangaroos and dancing pandas. It's Tekken 6, back with a vengeance on consoles, leaping from the arcade with more bonus bells and whistles than you could possibly hope for. More convoluted power struggles between the Mishima zaibatsu and much more story-related madness is a given, especially considering the fact that the roster has now expanded to a staggering 40 pugilists. But the question on everyone's lips has to be: can Tekken still cut it? And more crucially, can it cut it in a world where the seminal Street Fighter IV currently holds the fight crown?

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DanSolo3396d ago

If they could just cut the ariel juggle combo's down to a sensible level then I would be happy.