Staff Table: The Xboy

The staff at Club Skill have an indepth discussion about Microsoft's rumoured handheld, the Xboy including reasons as to why Microsoft could enter the market and succeed in delivering a handheld too gamers.

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super bill6175d ago

i hope its better than the 360,witch im very dissapointed with.

TheMART6175d ago

So when did you bought your 360, how much have you played it, do you have Live, which games do you own

last but not least: are you not a Sony Fanboy without a console up till now.

Love to read your answers.
Because the 360 kicks ass. I am curious when someone thinks it's not like that. The reasons why because they can be too diverse to claim it that way

TheMART6175d ago

Anyhow, I hope they don't name it the Xboy. That sounds real [email protected], they should bundle it then with the [email protected]

super bill6175d ago

i bought my 360 in december 2nd. then a month later i got the dreaded red light,so i sent it back to microsoft and got another one.ive bought most of the games that have come out,like pgr3 call of duty2 condemed.then oblivion table tennis,fifa world cup exct.i just dont thing they are what i call next gen.i think i got games for my pc which are a year old which look better.i got xbox live since its been launch.but i never play that anymore.most of my mates bought the 360 at launch,but they sold it on ebay after a couple of months,saying its not that good,and they rather play there pc, im not a fanboy neither.

Aflac6175d ago

there are games coing up with 99.9% lifelike graphics. 360 is perfectly capable of that, the developers just need time to master its power with the right graphics engine

Sphinx6175d ago

If you don't like yours that is fine... I never really liked my PS2... but I loved my N64 and Dreamcast and Super Nintendo, but hated my Genesis... it just depends on the person.

Schmitty076175d ago

I don't want another useless handheld after the PSP letdown. Because if Ms makes one, I won't be able to ignore it