Acti refuses to confirm £108 DJ Hero RRP


Activision has refused to confirm an apparent £108 price point for DJ Hero, but has told VG247 that the title will be worth the money.

"We don't comment on our product pricing strategies," said a rep.

"However, we believe that DJ Hero will provide tremendous value for our consumers by delivering an all-new interactive music experience with over 100 individual songs that are highlighted in over 80 unique mixes, a wide variety of music from some of the biggest artists including Jay-Z, Eminem, Benny Benassi, Gwen Stefani and Black Eyed Peas among others."

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Briefcase Joe3448d ago (Edited 3448d ago )

This game should have never been created. It has failure written all over it, and if you disagree, then you sir are worse than Hitler! Ha!

JasonBloodbourne3447d ago

this should be cool get rid of all the rap and give the house, trance and techno can't wait

JL3447d ago

Get rid of all the rap? Are you serious? Yea, let's get rid of the genre of music that invented and defined scratching and turntablism. That sounds about right. /sarcasm

Without HipHop this game wouldn't even be possible. The hiphop scene still drives the world of turntablism.

That was an idiot thing to say. Really. And HE is the "plum"?

PirateThom3447d ago

I'm opting for Scratch, the controller looks more usable and Activision aren't making it.

Admiral_Benson3447d ago

"We don't comment on our product pricing strategies"

No, they just comment on Sonys.

I don't think Activision should be openly telling people what to do do with their pricing strategies if they're not willing to discuss their own.........

On topic, if this is the price range they are thinking of charging for DJ Hero then they're really pushing their luck!

JL3447d ago

lol Funny. And very true. It is laughable that all day they'll comment on Sony's price, but when confronted on theirs they plead the 5th.

Btw "pushing their luck"? I would think they've been pushing their luck for a while now with crazy prices (though this does seem worse), but nonetheless. That being said, I'm pretty sure amazon does have pre-orders for it at $120 or $130, so that's a lil bit better than the 108 pounds. Still quite high I think though.