Jovovich: Resident Evil 4 Shooting By End of '09

Resident Evil, not only is it one of the greatest game franchises ever made, but it has another title as well. Being one of the few games to ever be adapted into a film with legit status Resident Evil has a reputation in the film industry as well. Let's look at some facts. The last film in the franchise ended completely open to a sequel, the latest game in the series sold amazingly well, and Sony Pictures is pretty damn proud of what they have done in the box office with the movies. Chances are you will see a 5th installment and guess what; it will be here next year.

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VsAssassin3446d ago (Edited 3446d ago )

I am a huge fan of Milla Jovovich. I believe the RE movies are at least decent. However, the SH the movie was better. Still, I am excited for Milla to come back. I don't care if people detest the idea of a powerful protagonist and that the evil characters should only be powerful. Well I am excited for this movie!!!

PirateThom3446d ago

While the Resident Evil movies may not be any kind of cinematic triumphs, they are, at the very least, entertaining to watch for a few hours.

JL3446d ago

I agree. I enjoyed the RE movies well enough. Like Thom says, they're not cinematic masterpieces or anything by any stretch of the imagination, but they were enjoyable. At least, I enjoyed watching them and will watch this one too.

That being said, isn't this like the third story I've seen posted talking about there being another one coming?