Motorstorm Adrenaline Pack Leaked?

TheSixthAxis: "We've just learnt that the Motorstorm: Pacific Rift - Adrenaline pack has gone live on the Hong Kong PSN Store. This is in addition to the Speed pack, which Hong Kong and the rest of the World got yesterday."

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pandabear3420d ago

Sony just love to leak right now!!!

Whats going on????

Yesterday - Singstar Space in Home - today Motorstorm pack

SuperM3420d ago

Uhm, they put the video for it on the EU store aswell, hardly a leak

Bordel_19003420d ago

Motorstorm PR is an awesome game, I love the SPEED pack also. Only thing I don't like is the Ranked online racing, it's too f'ing frustrating.

phosphor1123420d ago

10 bucks for 3 tracks? That's a steep price considering I just got that new punisher game for 10 bucks lol..

Karum3420d ago

This is from the EU PS Blog.

"The Expansion Speed pack contains three extra tracks, with three track variants, three previously unseen vehicles and a Speed mini-festival featuring 48 new brutal events. There are also plenty of unlockable rewards, and new trophies to be gained too."

It's £4.79 in the UK ($9.99 in Us obviously) - seems worth it to me.

table3420d ago (Edited 3420d ago )

£4.79 in uk? They always overcharge dlc here I'd expect it would be around £6.99 or £7.49.

Bordel_19003420d ago

10 bucks, wow that's even more than what I payed in Norway, it was 45 kroner witch is about 4,5£ or 7,3US$. Like someone mentioned above, I think the added content is worth it. I wish there were some cool online modes though, you only have ranked, casual, or create own race. I'm waiting for the Adrenaline pack also :)

Downtown boogey3420d ago

It's just that it used to crash a LOT! Once so badly that all the game data got corrupted and I lost all progress in the game! That's why I never got the Platinum trophy nor the latest vehicles even though I got in the overall top 600 in the online Ranked games.

Karum3420d ago (Edited 3420d ago )

It's £4.79 alright mate, I bought it this morning :)

And I agree, they usually price stuf a little high but for what you get in the pack I think it's worth that price.

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remanutd553420d ago

LUNATICS UNITE!!! yes the speed pack is totally worth it , 48 new mini festival races , 3 new tracks , new modes to play , new cars , new characters , new trophies , hells yea its totally worth it , see you online guys btw the new tracks are the most beautiful ones evolution studios had created , love them all