Save it for the Next Generation - Why New Motion Controllers Should Wait

lwelyk of The Gaming Dungeon takes a brief look at each company's new motion controllers and why he thinks they will not succeed.

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JL3484d ago (Edited 3484d ago )

I still don't see how people are always claiming "Sony's motion presentation was unprepared and rushed at E3". I just don't get that. Did we watch the same presentation? Cause it looks like they came damn well prepared. With everything they had set up and what they showed off, etc. Seemed prepared and not last minute to me.

This is where I think people are getting mixed up, the presenters simply seemed, for lack of better word, intimidated on stage. Lil bit of stage fright almost it seemed. That and dude just wasn't very coordinated at the moment or something. Maybe it was all nerves or something, I don't know. But this should not be translated to mean that the presentation was rushed and unprepared. People keep claiming it was all rushed and sloppily put together just as a response to MS's Natal or something. That being said, then what was with all the rumors before that they were all going to show motion controls? Even if Sony hadn't planned on it, they surely saw the rumors well ahead of time and were plenty prepared in case MS did show something. That doesn't at all mean the presentation was unprepared. I just don't get it.

edit: lol I always love the phantom disagrees with no type of rebuttal of any sort, not even a "f*ck you you're wrong". I mean this is just the way I saw it and how it came across to me. Not that the presentation wasn't prepared, but that the presenters weren't necessary on their game so to speak.

andyo133484d ago (Edited 3484d ago )

Microsoft paid a really expensive marketing group to market their stuff. That's why everything at their presentation was so polished and well, was also smoke and mirrors...

Sony hasn't been spending much on marketing as many of you could probably agree, so they're not guna spend heaps of money on a pre made scripted film showing off their concept. they're just guna so you straight out what it does.

Also in response to your comment, if you ask me, i think the people that showed off the software and hardware actually made the software that was presented. they wern't paid actors that love being on stage

JL3484d ago

Oh yea, I know. I'm pretty sure they even said those two guys were the ones behind creating it. I wasn't trying to say that, definitely knew that. They just seemed uneasy or something up there to me. Which kinda makes sense really. Those guys are paid to sit in an office or lab or something all day and create hardware/software, it's not a stretch to figure that they might not be the greatest of speakers/presenters. They just seemed out of their element on that stage (which I am not at all trying to dog them for, kinda made it have a more genuine feel for me), just I think that's what stood out and maybe people see and mistake for just being a generally unprepared presentation. Like you mentioned though, they didn't get out there to ooh and ahhh you with some glossy presentation. They went out there to ooh and ahhh you with real raw application. I like that much better.

ChickeyCantor3484d ago

"That's why everything at their presentation was so polished and well"

PirateThom3484d ago

Sony spent all their money on that huge screen. Bricks were shat at Uncharted on that giant screen.

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Real Gambler3484d ago

You would think people can have their own opinion, not just cut and paste a previous article!

Here's my take on it: MONEY WILL TALK

The Wii device will work because it's CHEAP. It can be bundled with a game. They can quickly flood the market. It's already available.

PS3 device MAY work, because it's relatively cheap. Many people already have the Eye. You can buy only one controller to start with, and eventually buy more. People paid $500 for their console, so paying $50 (10%) for a new controller is not that hard. Even if they have to buy the Eye ($40), it's still relatively cheap.

Xbox natal will be a very hard sell. Many Xbox owners paid $200 for their console (Core, Arcade). They did that because that's all they could afford. Now they would have to buy a $200 device for it. (Maybe even more). Not something that mom and pop will buy for them. Not something that will easily find it's way under the Christmas tree either. On top of that, it will be coming out in the last few years of the console, not exactly a wise investment when you're not even sure how good the games will be.

So here we go, money will talk. Not how well a presentation went.