Too Human Interview and New HD Cinematic Video!

IGN's Too Human coverage continues. First a video preview, then a 5 page preview,and now an interview with Henry Sterchi, the director of design.

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power of Green 4203d ago (Edited 4203d ago )

WoW thats more than i was expecting!. Thats nice to hear that they're still working on the Battle mechanics i want to feel the blows and be thrown back if blocked by an enemy and my animation altered if blocked or when i miss etc. Good JOB SK's.

I forgot about the Shemmue-LIKE(its been so long sence i'v had a DreamCast; i for got how to spell Shemmue)- "action/scenes" like you find in more thought out gameplay like in games like Heavenly Sword etc.

I'm guessing the game will be alot bigger considering the only Multi player aspect that i know of is worked into the Story mode. Can't Wait!... Keep-em EPIC!...

m234202d ago

I can't wait for this game, it will definitely blow people away. Hopefully all 3 games come to Xbox 360, rather than continuing on the next Xbox.

Lacarious4202d ago

The style of this game looks like another carbon copy of older games. e.g. DMC, Lost Planet, God of War...... Omishuda or whatever that game was for the PS2.

I guarentee you mad peeps are not thinking this game is what it is. It looks more like a button masher\slasher then an RPG\strategy game.

Button mashers are for the kiddies.... not the 360.

FCOLitsjustagame4202d ago

The combat is not done with buttons but with the right analogue stick. And from what I understand if you want to continue the same attack you just hold the stick in place so no need to be "slashing" with it or mashing any buttons. But no doubt there will be lots and lots of fighting in the game. The developers keep comparing it to diablo. Diablo was by no means a deep RPG but it was one heck of a fun game. If this game can be as fun as that then I will be quite happy.

Lacarious4202d ago

If that is true.... that all attacks will be done with the analog... that right there is enough info to at least try the game out but still the style of game is dated.

Hayabusa 1174201d ago

Dated? So what's the "current" style for video games?

PS360PCROCKS4202d ago

Yea this game seems to be shaping up nicely and I am glad to hear their so apt on making everything so perfect, so take your time SK and make it play and look gorgeous

Honeal2g4202d ago

I like to see that Microsoft is coming out with some games that show a substantial effort to get some quality games. I mean the game looks like its gonna be a hit but Hit Or Not i do believe that its a good direction.

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