Is Wii or the PS3 more Web 2.0 friendly?

Both Wii and PS3 have web browsers, but it's fair to say that internetweb surfing is very much a secondary feature for both. It's all about the games really, with a side-order of Blu-ray goodness in PS3's case. However, Web 2.0 will be a factor in both, for example Sony's upcoming Home virtual world, and Nintendo's connected News Channel and Forecast Channel.

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Torch4296d ago (Edited 4296d ago )

is my primary usage for the machine (sad, but true!) It's actually a quite capable quick-and-dirty little web browser, for all intents and purposes. The primary benefit being the relatively quick on-screen pointable keyboard for text entry.

I've yet to usefully utilise the PS3's browser, primarily because I've come close to permantently losing my vision while attempting to read the microscopic fonts, as well as my mind when trying to type ANYTHING with the PS3's touchtone-phone-like method of text entry.

The new (limited) zoom-in feature and full qwerty keyboard added in the last firware update help somewhat, but still can't compare to the Wii's intuitiveness (thanks to that swanky lil' Wiimote!)

techie4296d ago (Edited 4296d ago )

have you updated's got an automatic zoom function now...and a fullscreen keyboard...?

DOh seems I didn't even READ your comment...unless you slyly updated it lol

Torch4296d ago (Edited 4296d ago )

Yup. That's exactly what I was referring to in my last sentence. Though I don't know anything about an 'automatic' zoom function (I press R3 to zoom in one step.) I'll fiddle around with it some more when I get a chance.

But definitely gotta eventually get me a nifty wireless keyboard/mouse combo...waiting for something a little more 'living room friendly.'

EDIT: Hey, Deep. Here's some irony for you: No, I DIDN'T update my initial comment (it was there from early-on...BUT I too missed your last sentence as you did mine, which explains my first paragraph of THIS post...uh, unless YOU slyly updated it! ; p

techie4296d ago

lol I did, but a while ago. Prob isn't do I know!? I dont bloody have a ps3. :)

ITR4296d ago

Opera browser on the Wii allows you to zoom text almost as big as your hand. I like the new text column feature.

anthonsh4296d ago

I dunno, the browsers are pretty good for looking at youtube and stuff. Especially if someone is using your computer. I dont have the PS3 one, but the wiimote makes the wii opera browser pretty damn sexy to use.

T-Virus4296d ago

You can't go fullscreen or it just stops about 15 seconds in.

calderra4295d ago

I tried to view flash the otehr day on Wii and it would never finish anything- it got even up to 2/3 of the way through one and just reloaded the whole thing. Still have no idea what it was doing.

BTW: Web 2.0 is still a completely stupid concept. Just because myspace (preceeded by GeoCities personal homepages) and youtube (preceeded by video sharing via newsgroups) came along, we're all suddenly running a new version of the internet? That's like your cousin Bob who grew a moustache, and now he's trying to get everyone to call him Bob2.0.

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