Gamer Limit Review: Fight Night Round 4

Gamer Limit writes: "Fight Night Round 4 looks simply amazing; never has a slow-motion blood-squirting smash to the face looked better in high resolution. Combined with a physics engine that may have no competitor and a control scheme that feels natural and responsive, FNR4 quickly fiddles with perfection, but falls short with some abusing AI and some lackluster career options, though EA Canada's efforts are definitely in the right direction. Besides the length Legendary Mode (around 50 or 60 fights per character), the amount of time that can be devoted to the Online Championship mode is virtually infinite, for even if you are the champion, you still need to defend it. I thoroughly enjoyed my experience with the game, even with some of its shortcomings and urge fans of the series and newcomers alike to step into the ring and go toe-to-toe with one of the best boxing games out there".

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