Fairytale Fights: Putting a Demonic Twist on Your Childhood

While at E3, we were able to see several games coming from publisher PlayLogic, and Fairytale Fights was just one of them. Now that the embargo has lifted on Fairytale Fights, it's time for us to show our preview of this wild new game.

The game itself fits into the hack-and-slash category. There are a series of button combos that can be used to pull off various moves to defeat the onscreen enemies. There are up to four characters the player can choose in order to progress through the story. Along with the characters, there are over 100 weapons at the player's disposal. The weapons use a "Dynamic Slicing" technology known as "Salami Violence". This allows the player to have full control over where the character slices their victims.

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DJ3447d ago

The lighting and art style looks really good too. Not 'photoreal' by any means, but I like it a lot.

Skyreno3447d ago

hmmm saw gameplay of game looks Good... i will love to see a co-op,multyplayer Video ,before i buy game :)

dopeboimagic923442d ago

Thanks for bringing it to my attention lol