IGN AU: Bioshock 2: Multiplayer Musings

IGN AU writes: "Finally, given that Fall of Rapture really does intend to tell the backstory of Rapture's mighty demise, we'd like to see some bells and whistles in your apartment that really make you feel like there's more to the experience than a pre-recorded message every level-up. A few cutscenes or even a daily newspaper delivery with some fresh headlines might flesh out the experience even further – perhaps foreshadowing some of the story events in Bioshock 2.

Regardless, we're definitely excited to get some actual hands-on time with both Fall of Rapture and Bioshock 2, but wary gamers can rest happily in the knowledge that this is far from a strange genetic aberration, spliced into something we all cherish".

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KionicWarlord2223487d ago

"Apparently – although we didn't see this ourselves – the items in your apartment also serve to further the story. The idea is that each character that you face off against also has his or her own backstory too; the quips and battle cries that they yelp out are there to suggest something about their history, their profession and current state of mind (which, generally speaking, is 'insane and angry'). "

This game is just amazing...

I wont be able to fully enjoy the games coming this fall....


Ill just be collecting them.