Straight From Fanfaire: Starwars Galaxies With Christopher Field is back once again to talk with Christopher Field, the Producer on Star Wars Galaxies. The interview covers a whole ton of stuff as well as going into more detail about all the stuff announced at Fan Faire. Enjoy!

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JoelR3394d ago

I'll always love the old game. T_T
but this user generated content idea (SOE if you steal ideas... stealing ideas like this is a great place to start) is awesome and I may go back to check it again because of it.

Mo0eY3394d ago

It was by far the best MMO I've ever played, and I've been in the doing it since Everquest, Ultima Online, etc.

It offered a new way to create your class, an amazing community, and so many adventures. When the first Jedi unlocked and when SoE ****ed it up, everything went downhill.

Thank God is around because I can play this great game once again.