Massively: Koster on Metaplace's New Functionality

Metaplace introduced the world to a brand new technology two days ago -- the ability to embed a fully functional virtual world into any website or forum, anything that can handle HTML.

This upgrade allows Metaplace to act like a more enhanced version of Google's old Lively service. All you need to do is make a world, take the embeddable HTML code from it, drop it into your website, and you now have a full virtual world running in flash right inside of your blog post or forum thread. The world can be edited to your whims through the Metaplace builder, letting you create whatever you want to create inside of your space. Think of it like Second Life Lite.

Massively had more than a few questions for Raph Koster, the founder and creator of Metaplace, about this new upgrade for his virtual platform, so they caught up with him to pick his mind on Metaplace and virtual worlds at large.

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