Microsoft concerned about the buying desire of Google

Microsoft is concerned about the position that rival Google is getting with putting advertisements on the internet after the billions of dollars aquisition of Doubleclick. This become clear from a declaration which the juristictional director of Microsoft, Brad Smith, has given.

Microsoft demands that competition authorities evaluate the aquisition thoroughly. There must also be looked at to the privacy of the internet users because both companies (Google and Doubleclick) reinforce their grip on the surfing aditude of internet users according to Microsoft.

Google announced last week the aquisition of the advertisement company Doubleclick for 3.1 billion dollar (2.3 billion euro). Google showed to be more decisive than Microsoft and Yahoo, who both have shown interest in buying Doubleclick.

Google already has a prominent position with text advertisements on the internet, which is mostly placed in search commands of internet users. Doubleclick is specialised in picture advertisements, such as banners and pop-ups.

Google is not only reinforcing it's position on the internet. Monday was announced that the company is going to sell commercials for a large radio network in the United States, Clear Channel. Both parties are aiming at companies who are already advertising on the internet, but not on the radio.

That Microsoft is making an appeal to competition authorities is a sign of impotence of the softwaregiant to put the internet world in it's hand. During the 90s, Microsoft themselves were the subject of competition research because they had used their dominant position in computer operating systems to acquire position in other areas. The European Commission still pursues Microsoft for this.

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bilal4205d ago (Edited 4205d ago )

Google is way ahead than microsoft when it comes to the web....also they are way more innovative than microsoft....

nix4205d ago

yeah... damn.. they are buying faster than we can lay our hands on!!! at this rate they'll 'own' the web!!! q:

here's a tip MS.. why not buy google? q:

r10004205d ago

Maybe in 5 or 10 years...we'll be playing a console made by Google... :)

eques judicii4205d ago

the console and games will be free but it will have pop-up adds and ingame banners/advertisement...

4205d ago
Leo Atrox4205d ago

@3.2 (uberwleiss)

I think that Google makes a good pop-up/ad blocker ... Its free too. Well, you have to give up your privacy; but other than that, it's free. But, who cares about privacy anyway?

Google: The Department of Homeland Security for the Internet.

bobbybrown4205d ago

if i would be as stupid as themart i would say : microsoft is in trouble!!! what's going on guys!!??

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