Top 10 Hardest Games of All Time

Bitmob Writes: We all have those moments. Those times when we wanted to throw our controllers, scream at the top of our lungs, or kick our furniture. The times when these games reach out from the TV and kick you in the balls. We know we should stop playing, it's what we tell ourselves -- but that game won't win this round.

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Transporter473447d ago (Edited 3447d ago )

Yeah those games are pretty hard but they missed GnG, and many other ones but yeah battletoads is omfg hard as a mother lol, and also the all the old school ninja gaiden games which r awesome good list but they did miss a lot of harder games then those

@ above about Helghast

Shoot them in the head they die in one shot most of the times.

UnSelf3447d ago

no offense but that response or suggestion u gave me was an insult to my intellegence lol.

the problem is theres no reticle on Elite(or period on SP).

secondly they give me a bunch of weapons i NEVERRRRRRRRRRR USE!!

the only gun i use that u get access to is the sub machine gun, but the ammo clip be so small its an absolute waste of time.

oh and im pretty good in the game in case ur wondering. i only put in abuot 50 hrs only but i come in 1st or 2nd place in every single game i play.

PSN: Unselfhomicide

Blaze9293446d ago

HELL to the freakin YES. I remember having that game on PS2 and even WITH Action Replay Max infinite health etc, the game was STILL hard as hell. The platforming was ridiculous. I never did actually beat that game too.

ThanatosDMC3446d ago (Edited 3446d ago )

Weird, why is Shinobi on the thumbnail. That game was easy once you get a hold of how to make the damage multiplier work for you. Just the learning curve was high after you've played DMC.

In Shinobi, we always have to kill the weak ones first then go for the stronger ones in order for instant Tate kills. Make boss fight 2-5 hits kill.

Btw, for those that played the game. Do y'all see how much the last boss in Shinobi was the same as the old man fight in DMC4? When i played that boss fight with Nero, i couldnt stop thinking how lame of a ripoff it was.

velaxun3446d ago

I remember playing ghost's and goblins on my nes, man that game would get me seriously pissed,.

I used to religiously play Battletoads as well and actually made it past the hover bikes, only to find some more in the ice level afterwards....

phosphor1123446d ago

Though..right under my window is a it didn't go far. That game was so p!ss hard. You had to combo the last boss over thin air. WTF. You get hit, or you miss you fall to your death. F*ck that sh!t. Nightshade, the Shinobi "sequel" was hard as hell also.

ThanatosDMC3446d ago

I learned after dying so many times that you have to kill his stupid fire scrolls first the air dash to the next one then to him finally. The one thing that made what's suppose to be easy fight is the terrible lockon system. You cant control it.

Nikuma3446d ago

The knife is your best friend on Killzone 2 Elite.

kunit22c3446d ago (Edited 3446d ago )

battletoads i deffinately agree with but Kid Icarus on this list is ok but having it number 4 is a little much, i dont think it was that hard. But Ghost and Goblins should definitely be on there and i'm pretty sure almost any gamer will agree with me on that, but i think that Paperboy could have probably even made that list, i mean sure i got good at it after a while but i still got extremely frustrated at that game!!

Persistantthug3445d ago (Edited 3445d ago )

Beating the game 1 time was VERY freakin hard...VERY.

But that wasn't the hard part. The hard part, scratch that...the IMPOSSIBLE part was them immediately asking you to do it again....and There were no codes. Also, the game came out before there was a such thing as "TURBO" on your controllers.

The only game on the list that I played was Ninja Gaiden (#3 on the list), I beat that one, and that game was childs play compared to Ghosts and Goblins.

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NMC20073447d ago

From 10 to 2, if those are the hardest games of all time to you then you are a plate of Spaghetti covered in weak sauce. :) jk

Madvillain3447d ago

Can't believe Ghost and Goblins didn't make the list, however there is no doubt in my mind that Battletoads was conceived by the devil.

If anyone managed to make that infinite jump on what I believe is only the 3rd level...I tip my gamer hat off to you.

dalibor3446d ago (Edited 3446d ago )

I could never get past that part lol it was a pain. I however was able to beat DMC2, the boss at the end was a b*tch. Some of the Castlevania games are pretty tough too. So was Air Wolf & Spyhunter for the Nes but back then I was younger so now that I am older they prob are easier.

ThanatosDMC3446d ago

Beating DMC2 is by no means anything to brag about.

Ghost and Goblins on the PSP... damn, i can only play that game on the easiest mode.

Cherchez La Ghost3447d ago

'Nuff Said! I cheat myself if I start playing this game under veteran. CoD 3 was the only game that I threw my controller on the ground. I'll never forget that day. But I'm a true gamer.

Theonik3446d ago (Edited 3446d ago )

Call of duty is easy on veteran, even COD4 wasn't really that hard even the bonus mission you have to finish on 50 seconds wasn't that hard.
EDIT: Well not easy but not very hard either. I've always played COD games on Veteran, in COD4 the test in the start of the game even recommended Veteran.

BadboyCivic3446d ago

COD4 "no fighting in the war room" was a mother, and COD5 "Riechstag" was ridiculous

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