Kombo: The Conduit Review

Kombo writes: "This is the Wii version of Perfect Dark. The campaign, guns, and feel are so reminiscent of Perfect Dark it's undeniable. The Conduit feels like a revision of Perfect Dark. Even with the feel of Perfect Dark there, The Conduit has enough standout merits to make the game one of the best third-party efforts on Wii. The online is great and can really help form a solid online Wii community. The Conduit is the best Wii FPS. Just get ready some minor problems here and there that really detract from the overall experience and keep the game from greatness. Still, if you want a great FPS experience for Wii and aren't expecting the next big thing in the FPS genre, The Conduit is a solid FPS and you should definitely check it out".

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SpoonyRedMage3396d ago

Good review that did point it's flaws... good work.

MattyF3395d ago

Solid review. Points out the flaws of the game and tells us what is wrong with the game without covering it up. Really lets you decide for yourself.

MattyF3395d ago

Worth a rent at least.

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