PSP Go processor more than 40% faster than original

The PSP Go isn't just smaller than the original PSP series -- it's more powerful. In fact, it features a processor that's more than 40% faster than the original. The original PSP (1000-3000) series include a processor capable of reaching 333MHz speeds. FCC documents reveal that the PSP Go (N1001) includes a processor that can go up to 480MHz.

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NOOBKILLA3397d ago

I'm thinking at the Tokyo Game Show Sony will announce more features that the PSP Go can do. Since the show is a couple weeks before the release of the PSP GO, they will probably announce something that will send people into a frenzy that will make people want to spend $250.

I would love to see the PSP Go have the ability to upconvert the games to 720p. That would enable them to compete with the Zune HD.

Eh, it probably won’t' happen.

njr3397d ago

333 mhz on the PSP would chew up the battery fast, I wonder what the battery life would be like if this one is kept at 480 mhz.

SuperM3397d ago

The battery time will be the same as the original PSP.

Ju3397d ago

I doubt it'll do 720p (not enough bandwidth, even with 480MHz). But more pixels might be nice. Or more polys and such. Maybe they can do that dynamically in combination with a new SDK ? That way games could do use the faster CPU (and GPU? - I think they all run the same clock, no?) and scale down transparently. Must be a reason why they put a 480Mhz clock in there. Otherwise they would just have made the chip smaller and use less power.

Sarcasm3397d ago

Having 111 extra mhz was able to produce games like GoW: COO, I cant imagine what another 147 would do. Interesting if true.

gintoki7773397d ago

i kinda like the bigger screen though on psp 1000-3000

cryymoar3397d ago (Edited 3397d ago )

I remember having a hack for GTA: LCS that let you change the PSP's processor speed to 333mhz. The game ran SOOO MUCH smoother. But at the cost of the batterly life. You would lose 50% in about an hour. But it was fun!

On a more serious note; i wonder if this means there will be PSP GO only games, that use the slightly faster processor.
Or if games will have graphical options that are turned either on or off depending on which PSP you have. Like on the PSP GO of a certain game, textures would be a bit higher quality, and more particle effects and higher overall detail. But still won't change the overall gameplay.

sniper-squeak3397d ago

there would probably be the same difference anyway, due to you waitng for the load times on the old PSP and the shortened battery life on the GO.

talltony3396d ago

because its not like their will be psp go only games made to take advantage of the extra power.

whoelse3396d ago

Well it makes the price a bit more justified now but in the current economic climate it's still too expensive.

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patterson3397d ago

This might explain why the battery life is the same as models 1000-3000.

IdleLeeSiuLung3397d ago (Edited 3397d ago )

"The difference in increased processor speed was night and day for many gamers, who noticed better lighting, more particles, and a few minor differences."

Wait, so there is different model PSP (not GO) that have different processor speeds that affects game play experience? If it is true, that is crap and only significantly hurting consumers and especially the early adopters!

That is like having different PS3s with different experience depending on if you bought a later model or not.

Ju3397d ago

No, all PSPs can do 333MHz. The earlier ones were forced down to 222 or so. Firmware 3.5 enabled 333MHz on all models later. They might have needed more test cycles for the fast mode before they could enable that.

UltimateIdiot9113397d ago

Ju is right. Besides, it's been over 4 years since the PSP has been first release. You can say the same about Nintendo DS except they kind of screw the old and new owners. The old have no camera and larger screen but the new lacks the gba slot for games like guitar hero.

Microsoft Xbox 3603397d ago (Edited 3397d ago )

So what you're really trying to say is, it's only bad because its Sony.

In other news, my first gen 360 lacks the quiet experience others have with their newer models. I never asked for a jet engine sounding fan MS.

saint_john_paul_ii3397d ago

GOW:COO was the first game to take advantage of the processor's unlocked speed of 333mhz BTW.

f7897903396d ago

Any places in crash mode where it slowed down go crazy fast (the speed it was meant to be at).

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joffa813397d ago (Edited 3397d ago )

i dunno what everyone is getting excited for as the PSP GO will be locked to 333mhz to keep everything compatible across the full PSP range.

all it is the the fact that the manufacturing process of the CPU has been reduced which in turn allows the max speed of the CPU to be increased. just because the CPU MAX is 480mhz does not mean that it will be clocked that high. infact the only way to allow it to run at its max speed will be via hacking (homebrew) if/when its dicovered.

the PSP was originally speed locked @ 222mhz to increase battery life.once a high capacity battery was produced sony lifted the lock to have a 333mhz standard (for dev kit use). no matter how much people want the full 480mhz to be used sony will most likely not allow an increase to CPU speed until a true successor to the PSP is released.

DeepInterludium3397d ago

Faster processor underclocked = better battery life. That is all.

Ju3397d ago

Hm, but that CPU is a custom build MIPS core just for the PSP. If they were only after the power efficiency, they would simply have speced it with 333MHz. Fact is, that little thing yields at 480MHz. Maybe its just that nobody can build slower parts any more or it would not cost anything extra. But the spec sheet shows 480MHz, guess there's a clock in there running that, too (even if underclocked to begin with). At some point this could be enabled by SW (that's speculation).

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