IGN: Crackdown 2: Get Ready for a Beat Down

IGN writes: "Even if Ruffian can't improve the missions, at least we can rest assured that the Agility and Hidden orbs are returning. How these have "evolved" is unknown, but Cope assures us that finding them won't prove as frustrating as in the original. "One of the things that annoyed people the most that we never clued them in on were orb locations. We've driven a lot of people mad, myself included." One helpful tool might be the binoculars spied in the trailer. "We always had the idea of telescopic vision... Where we go exactly with that we will retain for a little while long. I think players are going to have a lot of fun. And we believe strongly that we don't add frivolous things in a game. We make sure things have a purpose and a value".

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