IGN: Trendosaurus: Price Drops (Or Not)

The world of videogames moves quickly. From technological innovations to industry practices and design approaches, the games you play are always changing. With so many platforms, publishers, developers, markets and genres swirling about in the gaming ether, it can be tough to keep on top of what's important. Actually, it's hard for ordinary humans, but not for the Trendosaurus.

The Trendosaurus eats videogame trends for breakfast, as well the delicious eggs of lesser creatures. And from time to time, he corners an IGN editor and politely asks him to write an editorial about a particularly interesting, troubling or amazing trend he's spotted of late. They rarely refuse. This week's contributor is IGN iPhone editor Levi Buchanan.

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sunil3393d ago

Like the author said, i just hope the 720 or the PS4 do not debut before 2012...

Accessories hopefully will push the next gen consoles beyond 2012