GamingTrend: Cross Edge Review

GamingTrend writes: "Players willing to stick with the game will find a lengthy adventure clocking in at well over 50 hours. NIS America is also supporting the title with free content downloads on the PSN. As I write this review, NIS has already released six free content downloads, including new weapons, items, and even a new dungeon. If you can look past the subpar graphics and unintuitive controls, then you will find a very deep game that has a ton of customization options. Hard core players will also want to unlock the "true" ending which can only be done by playing on hard mode. In the end, I can't recommend Cross Edge to everyone, but I can recommend it to people who like deep RPGs and don't mind a little bit of camp with their story".

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truehunter3394d ago

well theres some part thats wrong. U can get the true ending on any mode. I've play norm mode an amange to get true ending.