Xbox Live Marketplace Update: Thursday 2nd July 2009

Console Monster writes: "The weather may be hot but today's new Xbox Live Marketplace content is even hotter with new courses for Tiger Woods PGA Tour 10 courses and Guitar Hero World Tour tracks, amongst a lot more. Here is the full Xbox Live Marketplace update for Tuesday 2nd July 2009:

Game Add-Ons

Tiger Woods PGA Tour 10: Course - The Predator
Price: 600 Microsoft Points
Size: 145 MB
Grab your clubs and prepare for a true adventure at The Predator! This brand new fantasy course is designed in and out of a jungle set amongst the Mayan ruins near Belize. Each hole weaves its way through massive trees covered with vines, exotic plants sprouting out of everywhere, and interesting ruins here and there. Picking the right club will be a tough test with the elevation changes and the small pieces of fairway. It will truly test your entire game with multiple options on each and every hole for the aggressive golfer as well as the safe swinger. But, bring all your shots including your ability to work the ball left and right as creativity will help you get around this jungle of a course. There are no refunds for this item. For more information, see"

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KionicWarlord2223446d ago

Well not as exciting as king of sighters on xbl.

Off topic :

Kodu is great.

GiantEnemyCrab3446d ago

I am also having a fun time with Kodu. I was surprised at what you can do for being just a $5 app. I started making a game like 5 minutes after I downloaded it.

KionicWarlord2223446d ago

I must say i havent bout it , but i think i will. Also this was very good on microsoft part to release it in community games(indie games) to help the channel get more popular.

making characters do certain functions and tweak them to your likening,was pretty cool. And assigning them to your gamepad control so i can play with the ai was pretty cool.


Going wayy off topic.