Analyst: "Gaming has been a disastrous endeavor for Microsoft"

"Particularly from an investment perspective," says Wall Streeter Roger Ehrenberg. Note, this doesn't mean the Xbox has been a disaster for gamers -- far from it (cough, cough Halo) -- but Ehrenberg makes a strong case that the Xbox has failed investors by hemorrhaging Microsoft's Home & Electronics profits. He also believes that when a console fails in Japan, as the 360 appears to have done, it cannot succeed in the world market (Caveat: NEC's PC Engine did very well in Japan, and Japan alone).

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FordGTGuy4296d ago

and creating one of the best franchises to gaming yep they are the suck.

MikeMichaels4296d ago

You n4g'ers are the champions of missing the point. This is not a stab at the 360's ability to play games.

It's a financial assement.

..and i quote.

"my perspective is that of a financial analyst. Therefore, my primary interest is in the strategic and financial implications of business decisions, in this case the Xbox 360 and Microsoft's Home & Entertainment strategy, and NOT whether or not the Xbox 360 is a rocking product. As I've stated before, I have many friends who think the Xbox 360 is awesome. This, however, is not my concern. And to state the obvious for those who know me and/or are regular readers, I am neither a fanboy nor an investor in single stocks, so I have no interest in partisanship one way or the other."

...and an interesting article to boot.

dantesparda4296d ago (Edited 4296d ago )

The reason they cant see it (the point) is because they are fanboys, super fanboys, and cant see anything without their fanboy goggles on. They are just political spinners


Amen, brother, i agree with you, i dont wanna see MS go away either, competition is good for us, for it yields us better products/results.

VirtualGamer4296d ago (Edited 4296d ago )

While I prefer the PS3 I certainly do not want to see MS pull out of the console business. We have MS to be thankful for showing Sony what online is all about. I also think they are the only 2 console manufactures that compete at the same level as in they push what the hardware and games are capable of. Competition is good for the industry and everyone should support that regardless of which console you prefer.

nicodemus4296d ago

It's good to finally hear a thoughtful comment like that!

I can't stand these people who run around hoping that the other console fails. For some reason, fanboys just can't understand how the competition between Sony and MS has forced both companies to step up their hardware/features/services. It's done nothing but good things for gamers! Why do people want it to end?

Oh, and for people who want to relive the glory days where Nintendo was the only console and everything was fine back then, just remember---at one time, Playstation was the newcomer. At another time, so was xbox. Competition is good, and rooting for your own console is fine, but wishing the other to fail, I just don't see the point.

gta_cb4296d ago

well said VirtualGamer i have said this many times before, but when there are people trying to make there point accross peoples comments like this one doesnt get noticed so, but yeh nicely said

Funky Town_TX4296d ago

Nintendo should be embarrassed for what they charge for the Wii. I don't care who wins the console race, but I do like to see competition.

Sphinx4295d ago

and couldn't have said it better than myself... except that I prefer the 360. Different strokes!

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Marty83704296d ago (Edited 4296d ago )

Microsoft have shipped close too 10 million, yet they ar'nt close to selling 10 million. Microsoft has lost serious ammount of cash thru gaming, there is no denying this. Xbox lost Microsoft 4 billion dollars thats why the canned it early to launch the X360. Microsoft like Sony are loosing cash now, and probably will do untill later half of 2007 or early 2008.

FordGTGuy4296d ago

last year they have definitely sold more they 10 million

XxZxX4296d ago (Edited 4296d ago )

Yeah GT, When PS3 have a lot on shelves, they are not selling, when XBOX 360 have a lot on shelves, they are selling 10 million..woooo. If you want to say that, hell PS3 already sold 6 million.

power of Green 4296d ago

All the 360 has to do is stay cheaper and pump out Good games theres no competing with that, never has been.