Burnout 5, main focus on PS3 version

The Criterion team said that the PS3 version will have 1080p, and the SIXAXIS controller will provide more control options that the 360 doesn't have. Imagine steering your crashed car with your SIXAXIS. Just thinking out loud.

Also the PS3's advanced processing capabilities are perfect for the many physics intensive crashes in Burnout 5. Both versions will feature camera support during game play.

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FordGTGuy4200d ago

Is using a AMD Athlon XP and everyone knows that the physics in Forza 2 will be way more intensive then they are in this game. Moving your dead car with SIXAXIS or just using a analog stick I think I'll go with the analog stick.

Marriot VP4200d ago

dj, first of all people without a PS3 can buy a 360 wheel which is infinitely better than any controller. The sixaxis and wiimote is actually a mimic of the arcade style driving.

Anyways, don't you have to buy another PS3 controller now that it'll have rumble. So that's 50 bucks for a standard function. Anyways Sony lied at E3 about why they didn't have it, saying something like it was last gen, and motion was this gen, also that they technically couldn't get the motion to work with the rumble. Which was quickly disproved by many people.

bobbybrown4200d ago

bla bla bla forza 2 is better bla bla bla they are biaised to sony

stfu the only thing you do is defending your precious 360 on every good ps3 post.

"the team is attacking the PS3 with the same frequency they did the PS2 - one hell of a lot 1080p over HDMI, for instance, just isn’t possible on the Xbox 360 at this point"

"Plus, the PS3’s advanced processing capabilities make it particularly suited for the physics intensive crashes that are going to be taking place."

shysun4200d ago

Hey Cerula,don't you now have to spend another 480$ for a Elite 360,Because M$ lied and said that HDMI and 1080p wasn't needed?Who got screwed are now my biotch!;)

Marriot VP4200d ago

shyshun, no I don't have to buy an elite

I have no reason to buy a bigger HDD or get HDMI because I use VGA for 1080p. Sorry to burst your rebuttal like that.

BubblesDAVERAGE4200d ago

It is a well known fact that the cell handles physics caculations beter then any other game system out there ...Thats just he truth...

Why o why4200d ago

Hey Cerula. it wont be a native 1080p so u can use your wires to upscale init init , pity u wont be considered elite though. If you love fordsa so much maybe you should save your sanity by removing yourself from a positive burnout article's comments page. Jeese Get a life.

Blackmoses4200d ago (Edited 4200d ago )

you don't actually mean for people to go out and buy that $150 Steering Wheel cause it's soooo much better than the controller.....
well sorry, forget what you say I'd rather play on the controller. to pay that much on something that you can't really do nothing with except play that game or game of that type....ridiculous!!!
Anyways why do you guys keep bringing up other games when when the main focus of this article is BURNOUT 5?
Who said anything about FORZA? Who cares about FORZA are they making FORZA? Probably not...enough with FORZA. You guys are acting crazy like when Gears hit the scene. Calm the hell down!!! FORZA this , FORZA that, you guys are actin' like little school girls...

This game you guys always refer to is not in the same field as this one. Yes both involve cars and that's probably where the similarities end. It's not and never will be the judging bar in which all racing games will be judged by, so give it a rest.

hfaze4199d ago

"Anyways Sony lied at E3 about why they didn't have it, saying something like it was last gen, and motion was this gen, also that they technically couldn't get the motion to work with the rumble. Which was quickly disproved by many people."

Just like how Microsoft said that 1080p and HDMI weren't needed... But now the 360 does 1080p, and the Elite will have HDMI...

SDS Gamerfiend4199d ago

I smell someone who can`t spell and it`s you!

Marriot VP4199d ago

black moses, I NEVER said I expect people to pay that. Just that you guys will have to buy another 50 or 60$ controller to get rumble. My point was that the rumble/force feedback wheel was so much more realistic. Also I said nothing of forza or burnout 5.

unixbreaker, once again MS said you don't NEED IT but now it's AN OPTION. They had that in mind before the 360 launched because they built in a 1080p scaler. But they're correct in that you don't need it because HD can be achieved other ways. If you have a 1080p HDTV than I'm sure you can buy both the elite and ps3, money isn't an issue for the most part.

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sandip7874200d ago

this game looks amazing! i cant remember the exact stats, but the step up from burnout dominator, physics wise, is phenominal. i still think burnout 3 is the best though

Marty83704200d ago

They ar'nt they are just saying the PS3 is leading dev platform for this game. Burnout series has always been a Playstation game before other formats.

FordGTGuy4200d ago

Atleast spell it right DJ. Why would I be jealous of a game coming to the Xbox 360 to? All i'm saying is that they are only talking this crap because they are biased to Sony and always have. Both versions of the games will probably be exactly the same except for the fact that the Xbox 360 version won't have SIXAXIS control. I very much doubt the developers of Burnout have used all the power either the PS3 or Xbox 360 can push out.

DJ4200d ago

I already know you hate everything Playstation-related, so it's expected. "Analogue > Motion Sensitivity?" Who said the PS3 version won't be using both at the same time? It was actually the Forza comment that tipped me off since Forza 2's damage physics are laughable at best. Of course, you'll go with the "GT doesn't even have physics!", to which I'll respond "And they're not being laughed at for screwing that up since it doesn't exist yet. Better no damage than bad damage."

Why o why4200d ago (Edited 4200d ago )

wow. i tink ver word u r looking for is 'too' not 'to' as you kindley pt it. Stop throwing stones just answer the dudes $hi+

SDS Gamerfiend4199d ago

You`re a (BEEP)! You always on here talking crap about how much better the ps3 is than the 360 yet you still don`t even own a ps3 you no money having broke @#$%!

JIN KAZAMA4200d ago

They are taking Factor 5's statement to heart. Well, we know that most 3rd party devs frist build the game on the 360 and then port to teh PS3. This si good news that now companies are putting priorty first on the PS3. Not to say that 360 will be the weaker version, but atleast 3rd party devs are starting to see what they can maximize out of the PS3. Thats great news for PS3, doesnt mean bad news for 360.

Extra Guy4200d ago

That does make sense actually, finish the harder one first then use that experience to finish the easier one in a shorter time to the same standard. The other way round has already yielded unimpressive results.

Xi4200d ago

Build the game on the sytem harder to develop for, and port it onto the 360 because it can handle it better... wait, so the 360 is superior because it's more flexable and because it can do what the ps3 can, and more? Sorry but building on the ps3 first is a bad idea because it limits the power of the 360.

Xi4200d ago

the most popular ps3 development problem around. It's the same comment many many p$3 fanbois like to use when explaining why a multiplatform title looks worse on the ps3. I mean it's only fair.