What to say to the guy who comments "First!!!!"

GamesRadar: Comment etiquette dictates that the first commenter must tack the word "first" to the beginning or the end of any comment they make.

By following this protocol everyone will always know that you posted before they did, which is important. Some readers will infer this from the way your comment appears at the top of the page, but others – particularly those who skip past the entire article and read comments in random order - will still see that your comment is the most important because you've written "first."

So that you don't have to deal with hassle of skipping past all of our writing, we've picked out the best examples of comments containing the word "first" and their responses. They will entertain you, spark your imagination, leave you befuddled in front of your softly glowing monitor and teach you about the true nature of humanity. Read on carefully, for one day you too might be in a position to write "first," and on that day you'll have to decide if it's too douchey or not.

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Forgot about the Open Zone damn

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"Congrats on commenting first on some random internet article. Society will remember it always as an accomplishment on par with the pyramids and the works of Shakespeare. Your greatness is now imminent...we bow before you, oh nimble-fingered one."

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