Steam offering twenty 2K titles for $53.99

The writes:

"From time to time Valve's Steam client, a PC based digital distribution client for games, has weekend deals or discounts that leave us no choice but to act on. They just unveiled a discount that takes 'choice' completely out of the equation.

You'll need a healthy amount of free hard drive space, but the "Huge 2K Game Pack" is now priced at $53.99 through July 7th."

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reluctant_gamer3398d ago

is about all I can say...

MxShade3398d ago

That's amazing enough I might even shell up for it. Great find!

dagamdagee3398d ago

This is one of the very few times I actually owned a PC for gaming. *Jealousy*

Cajun Chicken3398d ago

Amazing deal. Shame I'm not into those types of games, but truly amazing deal.

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