Dan "Shoe" Hsu Takes on the Bitmob

What do you do when you've spent nearly a third of your life writing about games for a single company, only to see that company decline and be sold off as a faint echo of what it once was? If you're Dan "Shoe" Hsu, the answer is simple -- take a short break, then finally go into business for yourself.

An 11-year veteran of Ziff Davis Media, Hsu rose to be editor-in-chief of the magazine Electronic Gaming Monthly and editorial director for before leaving in April of 2008, just months before the magazine was shuttered and 1UP was sold to UGO. Since then he's dabbled in freelancing for G4, launched a gaming video series with his girlfriend, and started a personal blog called Sore Thumbs with former EGMer Crispin Boyer. Then, just before E3, Hsu revealed his long-planned mystery project, Bitmob, a game site that relies on a mix of professional content from Hsu and some fellow Ziff Davis alums and community content written by Bitmob readers.

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morganfell3448d ago

Hsu and his narrow view single handedly sank EGM and 1up. I am glad he is working for G4. Maybe he can help out there in the same manner.

JOLLY13448d ago

I know that the internet had nothing to do with a print magazine going out of business. It had to be one individual. It sure wasn't the parent company. The company that doesn't do anything with video games. It had to be a single person that likes to play Halo. You must think Dan is an extremely powerful man.

morganfell3447d ago (Edited 3447d ago )

Delusional much? I guess you are. You are also ill informed. He was the Editor in Chief. His ridiculous policies drove a stake through the heart of that magazine. They had already decided it was going to be taken out of print BEFORE he left the job. His tenure did nothing but drag that publication into the dirt and kill that magazine off.

Since conversations with uninformed people are a waste of time, here. Have an ignore button.

kwyjibo3447d ago

I'm not a fan of Hsu (and his endless sticking it to the man posturing), but nothing he could have done as EIC could have saved EGM.

Ziff Davis would have been totally f-cked due to its massive debts no matter who the EIC of EGM was.

Do you really think there was anything he could have done to prevent ZD's bankruptcy? You do? Who's delusional now?


(Note - don't bother PMing me with your M Night Shymalan fan gush like you did last time, unless you're willing to see a reply)

3446d ago

hes just a undercover troll posing as a gamer.

I sank him to the flames of hades last night, his posts are nothing but trash. N4g needs a garbage cleanup asap.

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morganfell3446d ago

As the Editor in Chief there was a great deal he could have done to save the magazine. Notice I never said anything about saving Ziff Davis.

But since you are uninformed, here is some news. Ziff Davis attempted to sell EGM before it went under but there were no buyers. Why? The Editorial policies insured the death of that magazine. Yes indeed, the Editor in Chief could have saved the magazine. Not the company mind you, that is after all your obvious misreading...likely for the sake of convenience or it is indicative of some mental defect.

You obviously cannot read but rather invent or see things that are not there ala Ziff Davis. I would say that counts as delusional.

kwyjibo3434d ago

I see you visited this thread days later, so shall I.

No - Hsu's editorial decisions, such as the redesign, and ridding of the pointless triple reviews for the majority of games were well received.

The circulation was steady with a readership of 500k. No, they couldn't find a buyer at the time, because no one wants a video game magazine anymore, regardless of Hsu's actions.