PlayStation Home Updates across the globe

This week Europe are getting 2 new Home spaces with inFAMOUS and Socom and the new Killzone apartment which is rumored to be priced at 4 euros.

Along with the apartment is this intimidating Killzone Tactition costume available in Threads and some furniture from the furniture store.

The American Home today got some new Killzone shirts, some costumes for the 4th of July in Threads and a few holiday ornaments in the furniture store.

Hong Kong gets some sweet game-costumes including Resident Evil 5 and Disgaea 3 shirts now available in Threads. New Street Fighter gear is now available and Disgaea 3 objects for your personal apartment!

Check out the crazy amount of Disgaea ornaments and some new Street Fighter 4 statues.

This week, Japan got a silver costume, a bundle of Resident Evil 5 shirts, some digital watches and some new female clothing including a full outfit in a bright turquoise color.

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