WoW Art Exhibit

Koku Gamer writes: "Can't get enough World of Warcraft in your off-line life? Check this out!

The Laguna Art Museum in Laguna Beach, California is currently displaying multi-media art works dedicated to Blizzard's ridiculously popular MMORPG."

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DeadlyDevil3398d ago

Art....WoW?....two words i don't want to hear in a sentence.

Ziriux3398d ago

That's what happens when a game takes over the society, like Halo did with people, WoW is just a cultural phenomenal. If it's good I honestly don't mind it, but I doubt it will be better.

Montrealien3398d ago

You clearly have no eye for art.

There are thousands upon thousands of artists that play wow. the games 6-7 year old engine can still look damn good all because of the amazing texture work Blizzards own artists do.

You may not want to hear those two words together, but the reality is, they go together like bread and butter.

Ziriux3397d ago

It's too obvious that you are a fanboy of WoW.

Montrealien3397d ago (Edited 3397d ago )

yeah thats it, the world is so much more simple that way aint it?

I am wrong, wow is ugly, no art in wow, I take it back.

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mau643398d ago

still cannot get into this game at all

Shade3603398d ago

Thought those weddings where bad.. not real life art?

not too sure on this..

Skivvo3398d ago

I think it's a brilliant event, the artwork & development team behind Blizzard are probably some of the best creative minds out there. I'd love to get along to it but unless it travels abroad, I'm afraid I'm out of luck :-(

brandynevils3398d ago

God I used to be addicted to this game. Had to quit- reclaim my life back. But I would like to go to this... it'd be interesting.

Ziriux3398d ago

No don't do it, you will want to start playing it again, and your addiction will ruin you again.

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