Sony's VidZone: Any Good? "Each time Sony adds a feature to their home console's interface, whether that be Home or the Information Board, players take a look for a few minutes, but soon lose interest in what at first seems like a novel addition to PS3. This cycle changes with VidZone, and for the past three weeks it's been probably the main reason I've been logging in time at my PS3. The music video delivery service may seem like a lesser version of the already available YouTube, but after spending a significant length of time with the service, its functionality and huge library make it a much more important update to PS3."

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DanSolo3393d ago

It's definately a good addition to the PS3, I use it regularly and so do a fair few of the people on my friends list!

lildre093393d ago

This sucks because I really want to use this service and I cant because im in the US. Sony please release this for everyone.