PS3 Programmers Wanted For CryEngine2: News Recirculation!

Remember last year when Crytek posted the job offer for a PS3 Programmer and all the gaming sites went crazy in presuming it was for a PS3 port of Crysis. Also remember how it was made rather clear that Crytek has plans to port CryEngine2 (not Crysis) and hence the reason why they want a PS3 Programmer?

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tehcellownu4200d ago (Edited 4200d ago )

No one confirmed that it was crysis people was just guesiin it might be that game..why is people gettin butt hurted that it have a chance to get ported..either way the ps3 might get a game from them usin that cryengine2..

Violater4200d ago

How is what i said hating?

BubblesDAVERAGE4200d ago


iceice1234200d ago

want to see it ported to any console. They would just have to dumb it down and after that what's the point?

GaMr-4200d ago

It appears I startedd a trend.

Why o why4200d ago

tru dat. looking 4 cheroke or sutten zuff like that right now

tehcellownu4200d ago

The PS3 will handle crysis nicely..if you look at mgs4 its almost identical to crysis..

Happy Hippo4200d ago

compare Crysis to MGS4. They are too different. Crysis got long view distances and higly ffocus on vegetation, where MGS4 has focus on small dusty invirements.

But nevertheless i think that ps3 would run crysis faily well. One of the developer said that you could run okai on a 7800 gtx (equal to rsx), and they could problably work something out on the cell if they actually made an afford. Only problem would be memory but again you can work something out with the cell.

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The story is too old to be commented.