PSLS Review - Fight Night Round 4

PlayStation LifeStyle: "When Fight Night Round 3 released in December of '06 for the PS3, the graphics were almost lifelike. I actually had friends walk in when I was playing and they thought it was an actual fight (for a few seconds anyway). The game play was a little stiff, and the wall between the fighters seemed a bit corny, but it was still the greatest boxing game I had ever played, and I continued to play it until EA released it's Fight Night Round 4 demo."

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DJ3393d ago

EA Chicago was a good thing after all.

locos853393d ago

We need new settings. Punching with the right stick sucks. It's not accurate enough and my thumb gets real tired.

ps3gamerkyle3393d ago

Yeah, I totally agree. I don't have it, but from what I played, FNR4 is awesome.

ftwrthtx3392d ago

Already retired as G.O.A.T. in Legacy mode and now just have to win some belts online. Sweet game!

dopeboimagic923387d ago

This game looked good and had quite a bit of hype behind it but I didn't think it was THAT great of a title. Might have to at least give this one a try.