God of War III, All Gamers Need To Buy a PS3

Badassgamerblog: "It's true, God of War III will be a title worthy enough to cause the sale of numerous PS3's, Sony is on to something big here, and I'll outline exactly why."

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sinncross3399d ago

All Sony needs is a price cut in time for GT5 and then the slim for GoW3 and sales will be maddening.

GT5 is their premium exclusive, it will help sell PS3's more sop then Gow3 hence why a slim release must come for its release to generate interest in the PS3 for that period of time.

shocky163399d ago

But buying one games for $400 is not worth it..

but if they include all the AAA games like Uncharted, MGS4, LBP then it's definitely WORTH IT :D

randomwiz3399d ago (Edited 3399d ago )

I disagree on the part where you think GT5 will sell more than GoW. I think GT5 WILL help the ps3 out a lot, but it has competition from Forza... why would 360 owners buy a ps3 for GT5 when they have Forza.

God of War 3 on the other hand has no exclusive competition.

@ shocky
people bought a 360 for halo 3.
people will buy a ps3 for gow3/gt5

PirateThom3399d ago

Doesn't matter about 360 owners, there's people who will buy a PS3 for Gran Turismo 5. Very simple. Forza's a non-issue.

Bnet3433399d ago (Edited 3399d ago )

Wasn't this suppose to be Killzone 2's job?


I noticed. A piss poor blog site. Anyway GOW3 isn't going to be a monster seller. The only system seller is GTA, but that went to 360, and GT. I thought it would of been MGS4 but it never went to the limit of pushing 10 million, only half of that.

La Chance3399d ago (Edited 3399d ago )

Yeah but it failed to do so.

By the way GOW3 has never been a monster seller, 3 million for 120 million install base is good since the install base must be very diverse but its far from being a system seller.

Thats not many games that would make buy a PS3 : MGS and FF would have but now theyre both multiplat.

Max Power3399d ago

GT5 will move some systems in Europe, I don't think US buys are that into racers.

table3399d ago (Edited 3399d ago )

GT5 will double god of war sales, mark my words. GoW 1 & 2 were never massive sellers, certainly not in the same league as GT and MGS for sales.

@ the people going on about killzone2 - Leave it out, it was never going to convert people since the first game was not received that well. It was just hype created by the media and the fanboys. Games that will convert people are well known franchises like MGS, Halo, GT, GTA and also now Call of Duty.

Blaze9293399d ago

Look at the site, Badassgamerblog.

darthv723399d ago (Edited 3399d ago )

GoW 3 will only appeal to those who liked the first two (as I do). Just because a game is a mega hit with some doesnt mean it will sway others into fans and sell hardware.

Games like Halo sold well because it was available at the launch of the original xbox. It created a following that continued on to sell big amounts of 360's when it came out. GoW is a great series but it came late and I just dont see it pushing the numbers like others do. It will sell some systems, no doubt there. It will definately sell them to those who are fans of the series and do not have the ps3 yet.

When halo 3 came out, it sold to the fans who had and had not yet gotten the 360. It may have sold to a few others who were new to the series as well but the majority of those who bought it were already fans. GT5 will probably sell more systems than Gow due to the original game coming out as the definitive racing sim way back on the PS1. Fans grew with the series and those that had not gotten the ps3 yet will more than likely pick one up for GT5.

SoapShoes3399d ago

MGS is not multiplat. You're missing out on MGS4 and Peace Walker. The real series, not a spin off. You're also missing out on FFXIV and FF VS XIII. I guess you're fine settling for half of the experience though?

Greywulf3399d ago (Edited 3399d ago )

Its clearly not a rush to be second place distant behind the Wii folks. In which case, the PS3 would be the cheapest console on the market right now.

The day sony can't afford to keep the PS3 at its price point, is the day that they reduce the price. Despite of bloodmask/others opinions, It doesn't make financial sense to the board & investors. Who are the people who have a actual interest in Sony's electronic division.

You aren't a genius for figuring out that Sony needs a price cut.

The myth that Games need to sell millions upon millions is just that. Its a Myth. Halo is a gross irregularity in gaming, which is proven by the sales of Nintendogs & Wiifit, which all do well without Thirty Million Dollar advertising campaigns. Each and every single title doesn't need to sell 8 million in order for there to be a sequel/return on the game. Motorstorm 1 & 2. Uncharted1&2, Resistance 1&2, LBP 1-3, Killzone1 2&3, Warhawk 1 & Online, Gran Turismo 5 Prologue, etc are all examples of this.

The only sales concern/burden is on the negative anti-sony movement. Sony's pricepoint has no ill affects on its gaming for its consumers that wasn't also apparent with the PS2. "Its hard to develop for the playstation!" - PS2. So far there have been nothing but great games, that are better quality than the multiplatform & 360 exclusive offerings. Did sony release their console a year earlier, and drop the price to be outsold by the Wii still? Nope. Does 2 > 1? Yes. Will people looking to save money buy the most expensive luxury gaming device out? Yea, right after they buy their Ferrari.

Do people think that Sony doesn't know what Advertising is? As its some alien concept to the fathers of the PS2? As long as the great games keep coming, isn't that all you can care about as a gamer?

So Race Pro/Banjo Kazooie/Ninja Blade/Velvet Assasin/Halo Wars/You're In the movies/Lips/Ninja Gaiden2/ have all sold 3 million +? Because the 360 has over "600" games. If they haven't I guess its time to packup and call it quits..Wait Rare's making another game after their 1 game failed to sell 25k copies in North America? How is that possible? They must sells 8 millz!

360 fans love sales because it justifies their purchases and helps them feel like the Xbox wont get canceled like it was last gen. Thats the truth. But they have selective viewing, and only look at the isolated big titles which there are a handful of. The Playstation on the other hand, has several huge franchises/1st Party games. And they all keep coming, and developing New franchises as they grow/lose others.

witchking3399d ago

I loved all three GoW games (even Chains on the PSP). And while I am looking forward to GoW3, the "need" to have it has been reduced by the recent announcements for Dante's Inferno, Darksiders and Brutal Legend, all three of which fall within that GoW-like gameplay model.

Do I want to play GoW3? Sure.

Do I need to? Not necessarily.

I agree with others who have said Sony needs to reduce the price of the PS3 to facilitate sales. Games alone -- especially ones that now have multiplatform clones -- aren't going to do it.

La Chance3399d ago (Edited 3399d ago )

Im not ready to spend 400eu just for MGS4 though I love MGS.

I got a PSP so I'll be getting Peace Walker.

As for FF Versus, I dont expect it to stay exclusive for more than a year. After the millions of copies sold of the 360 version of FF13, theres no way SE isnt bringing FF Versus to 360.

FF14 is a MMO, I dont care about MMO's and moreover SE are already thinking about "other platforms"...

The Master Chief3399d ago

Hmmm I'm gonna have to pass on the PS3. Maybe next gen Sony. Maybe not.

Sitdown3399d ago

I was with you for a while…and then your bias started showing. I agree in that Sony should do what is best for net profit, and not necessarily get caught up in selling more units for bragging rights; but understand that your statement of “nothing but great games” is not true. Yes there have been great games, but saying nothing but great games is a stretch. So of course, not all of Sony’s titles beat out the multiplatforms or 360 exclusives….and likewise, neither do the 360 titles. Moving along, are you blind to the fact that Sony’s price point does have an affect on consumers? Why would Activision have made the statement that they did….while I do not believe they are crazy enough to isolate their ps3 fan base…I do believe it speaks volumes to what developers might be thinking. Additionally, why just point out 360 fans? A lot of people love to show sales figures in order to feel justified in their purchases… just so happens, that Sony fans have not been able to do it as much this generation.

ape0073399d ago

is without a doubt sony's biggest game along with gow3,sony is of course gearing up for the HUGE storm

ps3 slim

ps3 price cut,it's sony's game now

killzone 2 isn't a proven franchise or well know as gt(kz2 is a great game,I expect it to have legs)

gt for sony is like halo for ms and gta for take 2

Im sure something big gonna happen

Information Minister3399d ago

I guess the contributor didn't read the memo stating that only anti-ps3 blogs posted by bloodmask should get approved.

And by the way, how many games on 360 have sold over 10 million units? No scratch that... how many games have sold 5 million?

ultimolu3399d ago (Edited 3399d ago )

That's all it needs-a pricecut. More advertising wouldn't hurt either. But fanboys will try spinning that around.

Jaces3399d ago

Maybe if it was an FPS on the scale of GoW's awesomeness people would buy a PS3 for it...

xwabbit3399d ago

Ah. its always funny to see la chance's post. IMO GT5 will sell more than GOW3, that's just my opinion tho.

spaceNerd3399d ago

Killzone 2 is awesome. Anyone who didn't buy it is missing out on some of the best gameplay and visuals a shooter can get. Lets not forget about every other game you can play on the ps3.

Traveler3399d ago

God of War 3 will help sell PS3s. I have a friend who bought his PS3 mainly because of God of War 3 and I have heard a lot of people on the net make similar comments.

Personally, I bought a PS3 for all the great games that I knew would come out on it. The diversity of games Sony platforms offer is probably the strongest in the market. So, I think for most people it isn't about buying a console for one game, it is about seeing a wide diversity of great games and deciding they have to get their hands on the system that offers those games.

SuperM3399d ago (Edited 3399d ago )

Every single entry in the Gran Turismo series has sold more or less 10 million units, with GT3 being the best selling with over 13 million units sold. Im sorry but God of War and even Gears of War are small titles in comparison. Gran Turismo is bigger then Halo and yes it will move a sh1tload of units, especially in europe.

@ Lachance

MGS is no more multiplatform then it was last gen. Because if you think back there was a MGS game on the xbox before. So far the only game they have gotten is a spin off, not MGS4 which remains exclusive. so unless they get MGS5 they have absolutely nothing to brag about.

Also if FF sells millions of copies on 360 then it would be squares only title to sell that well on the platform. All the other games they released exclusively has pretty much failed. PS3 sales of FF13 will dominate, i rather think square will have to do some second thinking about their relationship with Microsoft.

On a side note, i think GoW3 will be the best selling game in the franchise so far, id guess 4 million or more in sales.

Traveler3399d ago

I agree, I have a feeling God of War 3 will be the best selling game in the series.

k jules3399d ago

If PS3-owners are actually excited about this 'news' it just proves that any fanboy will use THA SALEZZZ if it fits them. Just goes to show that no fanboy actually cares about games, but about defending their console of choice.

tuglu_pati3399d ago

Only thing Sony needs is a price cut and a good one. Sales will increase with a price cut, if not then i hate to say it but is over for Sony this gen.

Why dis3399d ago (Edited 3399d ago )

They said that about KZ2 so I purchased the PS3 and I traded in KZ2 in a month, now I'm waiting to game on the console.

PSN ID: whydis 1

ultimolu3399d ago

So Why Dis, you traded in Killzone 2?

Why didn't you trade in your PS3 too? Because it seems that you hate on every single PS3 game that comes out.

Traveler3399d ago (Edited 3399d ago )

If you can't enjoy any games on the PS3 it's just because you are a fanboy that won't let yourself enjoy any games on a console you have a grudge against. The PS3 has a ton of great games.

rockleex3399d ago

Each entry in the series sells 10 million copies.

Gran Turismo 3 sold 14.9 million copies by itself.

Gran Turismo 5 WILL move PS3 hardware as Gran Turismo have in the past.

Same as how Halo WILL move 360 hardware, even when its sales don't compare to Gran Turismo's.

Killjoy30003399d ago

Errm... PSN doesn't allow spaces in user's ID's... My goodness you're excellent at failing.

tuglu_pati3399d ago

How many copies did GT4 sold?

darthv723399d ago (Edited 3399d ago )

No doubt god of war will sell but i think people are over speculating the amount of drive the game has. To understand that you need to put into perspective the increased sales of other game series. Sales is representative of its popularity.

Halo for example was a launch title for xbox and sold over 6 mil copies to date. When halo 2 came out you almost had a guarantee that those original fans would be picking up the sequel. In fact the lifetime sales for part 2 exceeded 8 mil. That tells you that not only the first 6 mil were satisfied but also surpassed by another 2 mil who were converted fans. the xbox had an install base of 20+ mil. Look at the sales of part 3 and the same trend continues. Close to 10 mil sold which of the previous systems 8+ means another 2 mil had been converted as well. Only recently did the 360 surpass the original xbox so halo as a series is quite the popular item based on overall sales.

Gears of war has sold close to 6 mil while part 2 is around 5. The sequel has not surpassed the original unlike in halo's case.

Metal gear solid and solid 2 are sitting neck and neck with 5.6(+/-)mil ea. MGS 3 is at around 4 mil which MGS4 has recently passed. You have to take into consideration the install base for those games. Seeing as the original ps1 and 2 have surpassed 100 mil systems the amount of sales for those games seem quite small in the overall picture. Yet they are a popular series. The ps3 install base is a fraction of the ps2 and yet MGS4 has matched (and exceeded) MGS3.

GT is by far one of the biggest series for sony and looks to be the real system seller. Each game has either sold or come close to selling 10 mil. GT3 is nearly 15 mil. GT is the system seller, not god of war 3.

Just FYI: God of war 1 sold over 3 mil but part 2 barely made 2.5 mil. Like I said. the game will sell to those who are fans but it wont really convert any new fans like some are predicting. No matter how good it looks.

Perkel3399d ago

@ randomwiz

"I disagree on the part where you think GT5 will sell more than GoW"

lol... seriously GT5 :::::PROLOGUE::::: sold almost 4 milion till now.. every gt game sold more than combined gow1 and gow2 and probably gow3.

4 milions and it's just a prologue to full game. IN EU in every top10 selling games for ps3 is gt5P. Here in Poland is the same.. 1st Prologue 2nd Fifa 3rd Infamous. EU is crazy in love over GT franchise.

GoW 3 will sell about 3-4 milions max in one year and maybe 5-6 in lifetime.

Traveler3399d ago (Edited 3399d ago )

The thing is, God of War 2 came out at a time when a lot of people were focused on the new "next-gen" systems.

I think God of War 3 will be a lot like Metal Gear Solid 4 in the sense that it will sell more than its predecessor despite the PS3 having a far smaller user base than the PS2 did.

Edit @ below: yeah, that makes no sense to me. Killzone 2 is one of the best shooters I have ever played.

table3399d ago (Edited 3399d ago )

why dis traded in killzone2 because it wasn't a system seller?! What an absolute tool that guy is.

On topic, I agree with what darth is saying.

rockleex3399d ago

Gran Turismo 4 sold 10.06 million copies.

A quick Google search will show you the results.

sonarus3399d ago

This is exactly the same argument about whether or not MGS4 would sell PS3's. Then people said on PS2 it only sold 3 million with 120million install base and bla bla bla.

I already have a PS3 and i am eagerly awaiting the release. Those fanboys hoping it won't sell consoles i'll see you on release day hoping to lick your yummy tears :D

tuglu_pati3399d ago (Edited 3399d ago )

@ rockleex

Thaks for the info, that's a pretty big number, let see if GT5 can repeat history.

@ sonarus

"This is exactly the same argument about whether or not MGS4 would sell PS3's. "

It's not the same because, MGS4 was the first must have big AAA game for for PS3, same can be said about Gears of War. This games sold at high levels, because there wasn't to much to play by the time they released. Now with the AAA library of both console getting bigger thing could be a little different.

Greywulf3399d ago (Edited 3399d ago )

You can pretend all day that sales justify purchases and playstation owners can't use it to justify a purchase all you want, but I know for a fact you can't tell me off the top of your head how much GoW1 & 2 sold, GT1, Gt2, FF7, Tekken, Vice city, Viewitful Joe, Abes Odd World, toshinden, ridge racer, Resident evil 1-3.(Insert many ps2/ps1 titles here) Better yet, show me the internet talking about NPD during the PS1 & PS2's domination the same way its spoken about today, having virtual net-wars over it.

Show me Gamespots "System wars" section too. While you're at it, let me know the ATTACH RATES of them as well. Remind me what Metacritic score Shadow of the colossus got as well... and if I should "rent" or buy it based on score alone. These are all new developments of this lame generation of gaming. Its meaningless. These people (Microsoft/Sony/Nintendo) have invested into the lifetimes of these systems. They aren't continuing each year by sheer luck, or else the 360 & the PS3 would be buried thanks to the Wii.

I know you don't know the data because sales meant absolutely nothing(not literally of course, but i have to clear it up so people don't take it as a finite statement) to game quality/sequels. They have to sell enough to warrant the next one, as all good sony titles have proven, and still prove to this day. Its significant, but no one cared how many copies Shenmue sold. I'm sorry, its born this generation by the 360 owners & Microsoft. Just as DLC being better than actual retail products, also care of Microsoft & the 360 owners specifically. So much so that Microsoft spends millions to secure DLC & game "announcements" and timed exclusivity.

"Moving along, are you blind to the fact that Sony’s price point does have an affect on consumers?"

Activision made a statement, yet continues to release their games. Remind me of the affect on me as a consumer again? last time I checked they are still selling music on the PSN for $1.99. I can pretend I know whats going to happen in the future, like you. But As far as the PS3's lifetime pricepoint, there has been no ill effects of its pricepoint on PS3 owners outside of free PSN & Home. Its a luxury item right now because of the pricing. the same person complaining about a ps3 is the same person complaining that they cant buy a ferrari.

So far I've been enjoying games, and their sequels, bullet proof hardware, and free online.

Remind me again why I should be upset that Activision and Acvitision alone has bluffed, and that people can't afford a PS3 in an economic downturn?

@ MGS4 moving consoles,

Why does everyone forget that MGS4 moved more consoles than GTA4 did?

talltony3399d ago

for anyone who misses out on this game.

FamilyGuy3399d ago

No but it DOES have multi-platform competition.
Dante's Inferno
Castlevania Lord of Shadows

Are all direct competitors that could sway someone into thinking "well my 360 still gets these so i don't need a ps3"

BUT GOW3 IS bonified system seller, we'll all have to just wait and see how well it does compared to GT5. I'm just saying prologue sold 3 million... prologue.

tuglu_pati3399d ago

@ greywulf
"the same person complaining about a ps3 is the same person complaining that they cant buy a ferrari. "

Ahhhh? i'm sorry man, but some times you don't make any sense.

Greywulf3399d ago

But its expensive & a luxury for a reason.

tuglu_pati3399d ago (Edited 3399d ago )

@ greywulf

Well i disagree, why would you buy the expensive console when there's a cheaper one that performs almost the same? Its not that its a luxury, the thing is, people aren't willing to pay more for something you can get for less. Now if Sony drop the price, that would be another story.

Greywulf3399d ago (Edited 3399d ago )

A bluray Player...
Amazing Exclusives only found on the PS3 hardware. << Most important
Free Online gaming
Dependable Hardware
Upgradable HDD with any HDD
Free USB, use any usb device with your console. Like oh I dont know, a steering wheel.
Integrated Web Browser

I mean really???? You dont see how the PS3 is a luxury item over the 360? build quality to software quality. Again, a ferrari drives on the same road. has 4 wheels as well. But its expensive for a reason. Ask me how many multiplatform games I own. Really, ask me.

The performance of the two is similar if you ignore everything else the PS3 offers.

Jinxstar3399d ago

Chains of olympus convinced me to buy a PSP. Only for that game. Since then I have enjoyed a few but none as much as that game.

shawnsl653398d ago (Edited 3398d ago )

Well my friend (who only owns a 360 and PSP) said he IS GOING TO buy the PS3 for GT5 and FFXIII Versus. He said God of War 3 is just a bonus. So I'm guessing GT5 is the real system seller. He is a hardcore RPG/Racer type gamer though (thought I might want to add that in). Well anyways system sellers are system sellers, even if a game sold 1 system to 1 customer, it is still a system seller.

deeznutssony3398d ago

OH, it's a system seller.......must own.........get over it. NOTHING can help the sales of this system except a price cut of under $299 US I may even say it has to be $199 at this point.

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iNetWatch3399d ago

I'm sure GOW3 is enough to convert even the most die-hard X360 fanboys...I'm sure.

RememberThe3573399d ago

There are still people who hate Sony because of the Dreamcast. They hold on to these things because they have nothing else. Lucky for me I already love GoW so I don't need to convert. :)

randomwiz3399d ago

God of War 3 is definitely a console seller, because it has a good reputation on the ps2, much like mgs series.

If Sony were smart they would make a God of War 3 ps3 bundle.

Bnet3433399d ago

What AAA game haven't they made a bundle out of?

Max Power3399d ago

looks at collection, Bioshock?

CestusGOWIII3399d ago

it's fvcking GOD OF WAR III, that Helios head scene alone is enough to warrant a PS3 purchase.

farsided3399d ago

i think that anyone who would pick up a ps3 for that scene already picked one up for a previous title like resistance or killzone 2

Omega43399d ago

Wasnt Killzone 2 suppose to convert the 360 crowd?

I think GOW3 should be focusing on getting CURRENT PS3 owners to buy the game before it tries to attract new gamers.

3399d ago
Biggunz3399d ago

Your only kidding yourself if you don't think GOW3 is a system seller.

HeavyInfamous3399d ago

you have to be kidding, right?

GOWIII = True system seller. No doubt about it.

Omega43399d ago

Obviously its a system seller, but only to people who were waiting for it.

GOW3 is a niche game and wont be attracting "all gamer" like games such as COD, GT or Halo

PirateThom3399d ago

How is God of War a neich game? Explain.

RememberThe3573399d ago

Killzone 2 was supposed to convert 360 owners to the PS3. However, SCE wasn't given the budget to push the titles the way they wanted to. That is why they hyped the game through the media so much. That's my theory at least.

Omega43399d ago (Edited 3399d ago )

@ PirateThom

1. Its in hack n slash, how many of those types of games incredibly sell well, in fact how many of those games even exists. DMC, Ninja Gaiden....

2. No multiplayer

3. Its a trilogy, with a story. Not many people are going to want to play the 3rd installment without playing the first 2. Especially since there isnt an opinion to just jump into some random arcade or multiplayer mode.

And what makes you think it isnt niche?

TheColbertinator3399d ago (Edited 3399d ago )

Omega is right and wrong at the same time.Many GOW fans are gamers who picked up the PS2 in the later years and have yet to pick up a PS3.Not to mention that GOW also attracted new fans when it came to PSP.

"GOW3 is a niche game and wont be attracting "all gamer" like games such as COD, GT or Halo"-Omega

So then is Forza niche? Splinter Cell? Uncharted? Not every game should be compared to GT or Halo because its unfair for fresh IPs to stand that tall so fast.God of War doesn't attract all gamers just action fans.Judging by the sales of Ninja Gaiden 2 and Devil May Cry 4,action games are still making good money.

PirateThom3399d ago

I dunno, the fact both God of War and God of War 2 sold about 2.5m each?

Omega43399d ago

@ PirateThom

-_- you cant be serious, thats the best you could come up with? 2.5ml each? With a console installbase of 140ml? Gears 2 sold 2ml in 3 days with an installbase of like 20ml, THAT is a true causal game. In fact i didnt even realize GOW sold that little I thought it was Sony's second biggest franchise.

@ Steven Colbert
Those games sold like that because one was multiplatform and the second was on the 360 the hardcore console. And even so, those numbers are all that big.

Plus Forza isnt niche cause its a racer, SC is sort of niche but it does have multiplayer same goes for Uncharted 2.

Jaces3399d ago

It's hard to win over an FPS crowd, since that is about the only system seller I've seen on the 360 thus far.

SuperM3399d ago

No its not a niche game. GoW3 is a straight forward enjoyable action game, its designed to be simple and enjoyable for the more casual people yet deep for the more hardcore. Also its brutal and visceral presentation is something that i think appeal to alot of mature gamers. GoW3 is likely the most appealing hacknslash title to the masses because its not super hard and tricky like for example ninja gaiden, and it has a cinematic feel to it that resonate with the general public, and the story includes alot of well known characters from Greek mythology that people know about already, so its not like they get tossed into a world where they meet the mighty warrior Magrath and the evil lord Zythar.

Sitdown3399d ago

Hahah, are you serious? GOW is not for casual most will not make it past the bosses. Answer this question...when this game was developed, do you think they had a certain population in mind? is a hint, what is its rating?