Streaming games with Gaikai

David Perry, founder of Shiny Entertainment, has been working on a project very similar to OnLive called Gaikai. The service is a browser-based portal that works similarly to flash-game sites like and Perry had originally planned to announce Gaikai at E3 in June, but changed it to GDC when OnLive was revealed.
Gaikai is essentially the same as OnLive, but it's on a different platform and can literally be used by anyone with a computer and a browser. To Perry, it's like comparing apples to oranges.

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killyourfm4328d ago

I'm a fan of Perry's, the man is a genius - even if he did sell the rights to Earthworm Jim...

But I dig how the overlaying technology of Gaikai is much simpler. It'll be interesting to see how this plays out.

dagamdagee4328d ago

Definitely. I believe something like this could work better than OnLive since there's no need to purchase extra peripherals. I think this will be the clear winner when it comes to publisher support.

MxShade4328d ago

Really interesting. I wonder what Voice Quality would be like.