Pocket Gamer: Pop Plus Interview

If you cast your minds back into the swirling mists of time you'll recall that Pocket Gamer spoke to Nnooo's Nic Watt at the end of last year about the iPhone version of the bubble-based 'puzzle shooter' Pop.

They went on to grant the game the coveted Pocket Gamer Silver Award when they reviewed it shortly afterwards, with their iPhone expert Tracy praising its "delicate balance between accessibility and sophistication."

Watt has been far from idle over the intervening months and is putting the finishing touches to a DSiWare version of the game entitled Pop Plus, but he nevertheless found the time in his busy schedule to sit down and talk them through what they can expect from this new portable offering.

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SpoonyRedMage3396d ago

Awesome. Hope that Pop Plus: Solo gets released soon and I wonder what the app will be, hopefully something of use.