Jack Thompson continues his "crusade" after VT shooting

Listen to Jack Thompson go on and on about a possible link to violent video games just hours after the VT shooting.

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TheGoodMART4206d ago

Jack Thompson makes my evil tween look like einstein

Kyur4ThePain4206d ago

and strangle the living [email protected] out of him...but I won't.
I'd love to drive up to Washington and tell GW that he's a moron...but I won't.
I'd love to track down a super model and scr3w her...but I won't.

It's called being rooted in reality and having self-control.
I bet all those shooters also drank milk. Mm, guess I'll stay away from that too.

Using Doom to train for a real shooting. LOL. Does this fckface even know what Doom looks like?

Norad64206d ago

So i take that the shooter never looked up and stayed in hallways. Plus used a plasma rifle and chainsaw. HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!! Jack Thompson is a waste of perfectly good oxygen.

milthaar4206d ago

yea hese an idiot but you cant totaly hate him i mean its not like he has bad intentions i know he wil never ever sucseed in bannin violince in gam simply because there are no experimants proving that it has any effect on childeren people how do this were already fvcked up

DirtySyko4206d ago

I disagree with you, I DO think he has bad intentions. I believe Jack Thompson uses tragedies to fodder his anti-video game campaign. Not because he actually cares, but just so he can make himself more publicly known and make more money from it. I don't think this guy has a heart, nor do I believe he even cares about what he says. He is a radical idiot out to make money off of other people's misfortunes. Face it, the guy loves it when things like this happen. It gives him another chance to plaster his face all over the news and make more money.

BrianC62344206d ago

Is Jack Thompson going to make it illegal to reject anyone who asks you out? I believe that's what happened to this guy, isn't it? He asked some girl out and she rejected him. So he went crazy. Is that your next crusade Jacky?

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The story is too old to be commented.