The next Resident Evil looks pretty good

Resident Evil: Darkside chronicles offers nice visuals, despite being a Wii title. The new screens released by Capcom show some nice scenes from the next Resident Evil.

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crazy17043393d ago

these screens do indeed look nice for a wii title

Greywulf3393d ago

Well what do we have here?


1. RE style Inventory
2. Puzzles/Not Run & Gun

I'll buy. The target though... I dont like seeing that... hope its not a shooter some how but maybe your area of influence? Click to walk here.. I dont know..

ChickeyCantor3393d ago

3 disagrees ?
And for what?

Sylar3393d ago

It's funny on how people are so sensitive to disagrees. Dedicate a whole comment on them. Lol. I wish it wasn't on rails though...

ChickeyCantor3392d ago

No i mean, its onrails, where did i say anything wrong?
The disagrees don't have a fit while i havn't said anything wrong.

Besides the edit button goes away after 30.

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Shoko3393d ago

the Wii can't do nice visuals! This is black magic! /sarcasm

How many games Will it take for people to stop saying Wii graphics suck? I mean really, there's tons of Wii games that wouldn't even think are on Wii.

The Grinder
Gladiator A.D. (Especially)
Dead Space Extraction
Resident Evil
Mario Galaxy
Metroid Prime 3
The Conduit (in CERTAIN areas)
Monster Hunter 3
Smash Bros Brawl (Shows how many polys the Wii can push)

leeger3393d ago

the wii can do nice visuals but you simply can't compare the best looking wii titles to the best looking PS3 and 360 games.

sunil3393d ago

They dont looks so great in the game - check out the demo shows on E3.

ape0073393d ago (Edited 3393d ago )

this looks nice but tbh,nothing feels next gen, GRAW 1 on 360 released 2006 looks miles better than any wii game ever and it released before the wii launch,heck even perfect dark zero looks better than any wii game(sh1tty game however,pd64 is the best fps of all time and nothing can touch it)which released in 2005,that's right 2005

and I can't find any game on wii that looks better than splinter cell chaos theory,riddick or doom 3 all xbox1 games

Sylar3393d ago

But...isn't that already in game... It has the cross hair in the middle of the screen.

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KILLA J3393d ago

they look as good as RE4 ...... big deal

Sylar3393d ago

If it's so unimportant why would you comment. O.o Plus it's a bit better than RE4's graphics.

BYE3393d ago

The enemies are looking weird for a RE game.

Other than that, it looks nice and will probably be better than the mediocre RE5.

CaptainKratos3393d ago

Those the original enemies

BYE3393d ago (Edited 3393d ago )

Really? It's been a long time since I played 2 & 3.

Maybe they came across differently due to worse graphics back then.

CaptainKratos3393d ago

tyrant with the green suit was there he was in part 2 and that blind folded looking monster thing was from code veronica,i think, and what else.idk but yeah, those spiders would freak me out!now theres no more Zombies, Bring back the Zombies!

BYE3393d ago

I agree, they need to bring back the classic zombies to the main series.

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bjornbear3393d ago

IMO the best pre-over shoulder RE =(...Plz DLC for PSN =(!!!! ='( i wish they'd release ALL RE's...

then with BC i'd literally dedicate a week to go through 0...1...2...3...CV(all in hard disk)...4 (BC) and then buy 5 (yes i've missed it / no i'm not put off by the whole action / not scaryness anymore - true fans tht follow story understand it too)

But i guess it'll never happen ='(!!!!

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