Bioshock 2 - First Look Preview (PlanetXbox360)

From the feature "first look" preview:

"The long awaited sequel to 2K games hugely popular first person action adventure Bioshock 2 is set to take players back to rapture in the safety of a steel deep sea diving suit on a drill gun. Bioshock one was a massive success that enthralled players with its immersive story line and imaginative take on the first person adventure genre of games, with this creating an army of loyal fans who pressed for a sequel. This army will no doubt be delighted with the announcement that Bioshock 2 will be coming before Christmas, along with the extremely enticing trailer 2K games released that raised many questions as to the plot of the sequel. The anticipated game takes place a decade after the events of Bioshock where players will return to the chaos that they left ten years ago but this time they will return in the role of a Big Daddy, Players will play as a Big Daddy but not the Big Daddy we all remember players inhabit the suit of a specialised specimen of the Big Daddy, which has many enhanced abilities to the older versions."

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Valkyrie833447d ago

Game looks freaking awesome, I heard from someone that was at E3 2009 that the multiplayer is going to add a whole new level of fun to an already amazing single player experience, good preview!

Mcrmarcher3447d ago

Love bioshock, so glad it went multiplatform, day one for me =P

hoplo3447d ago

The multiplayer sounds really interesting. I'm really excited about this game, should be awesome! Thanks for the preview.