Two new GTA IV DLC episodes due next year - analyst

Take-Two and Rockstar are expected to release two brand new downloadable episodes for Grand Theft Auto IV in fiscal 2010, and release GTA V the following financial year.

That's according to analyst Todd Mitchell, who told that following the release of Xbox 360 exclusives The Lost and the Damned and The Ballad of Gay Tony, two all-new episodes are due – possibly across both the Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3 platforms.

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Gamer_Politics3394d ago

would love some more GTA4 Dlc....

StanLee3394d ago

The truth is, Rockstar knows that a full GTA title will generate more revenue and media coverage than DLC. It just doesn't make sense to do any more DLC.

rockleex3394d ago

They are developing brand new engines in order to help optimize GTAV. In that case, it would be awhile before GTAV is released.

That would make it plausible for them to release 2 more DLCs to help fund GTAV and keep the gamers happy at the same time.

SuperM3394d ago

Well if they do the DLC for both platforms it might actually sell quite well. Im sure the PS3 audience is quite hungry for some DLC since they havent gotten anything yet. And ofcourse im not speaking for the members on N4G because im sure they will just say GTA4 sucked :P

rockleex3394d ago

I would say it lacked a lot of features San Andreas had. It basically had all the features Vice City had... except for the online mode which I don't use.

zoneofenders3394d ago

well since GTA4 sucked....i really dont need any more DLCs
bring on GTA5 already!! but please for god's sake dont be on only 1 D9 disc...

ChozenWoan3394d ago

I still haven't finished GTA4 as it is... only 33% when it sucked the fun out of gaming. As for some "expansions" nah, I'll pass. More of the same wont help at this point.

It's nice Rock* is trying to add some depth to the storyline, but to sacrifice gameplay to do so just = fail. GTA3/VC/& SA where good games due to pushing the gameplay boundries. Back then it was all about the gameplay and that is what sold the game. The story was just background material to add some purpose to the gameplay.

GTA4 is all story, little gameplay. Go here, shoot there, run from cops, repeat, repeat, repeat. The sad part is, for a story driven game, it feels like there is very little character development. Everyone is just bit part players in a B-movie, including Nic.

Ohh well... let me move on before I really get started.

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Stevie Ray Vaughan3394d ago

Nice, these 2 Expansion have equalled 30 hours or more with new multiplayer modes, characters, locations, weapons. Its like a full new 30 hour game divided into 2 stories for 30$. A GREAT deal.

SoapShoes3394d ago

Only had a deal for two DLCs, so the next two are quite probably going to be on PS3.

Sir Ken_Kutaragi3394d ago (Edited 3394d ago )

"two brand new downloadable episodes for Grand Theft Auto IV"
Not interested!!! Hate DLC.

"and release GTA V the following financial year"
Not interested if it's not PS3 ONLY!!!

Eiffel3394d ago (Edited 3394d ago )

"Not interested if it's not PS3 ONLY!!! "

You heard him, he confesses. Now if only he can admit he's still in the closet.

TheBand1t3394d ago

Just ignore him. Everytime he post it's the most confusing stuff. PP would probably make more sense.

-MD-3394d ago

"Not interested if it's not PS3 ONLY!!! "

You must be bored all the time then.

Stryfeno23394d ago

More is always welcome.

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