More on Bigger PS3 Hard Drive

More official comments out of Japan regarding a PlayStation 3 with a larger hard drive have surfaced today, via Reuters.

For users who vigorously store (games and other entertainment content) in the PS3, 20-giga [hard drive] is probably going to be too small, and even 60-giga may not be big enough eventually," said Sony Computer Entertainment spokesperson Satoshi Fukuoka.

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LSDARBY4206d ago

lol this doesnt say alot tbh. This could be them giving reason to why they have allowed you to put any HDD in the PS3.

Kyur4ThePain4206d ago

HDD only would be kind of stupid. I mean, they did make it user-upgradeable, so why release a model if that is the only change. IF there is another model in the futurte, expect it to have more than just a larger HDD.

power0919994206d ago

As simple as it may be to you and I.

"Replacing factory Hard drive, with another unit" can be very intimidating to people who are not computer literate.

My .02

Kyur4ThePain4206d ago

Some people can't follow instructions.

gta_cb4206d ago

its not just about following instructions though is it, its like afraid of breaking a $600 piece of equipment

power of Green 4206d ago

If true the only reason why Sony would take action would be because of the notion of average consumers only looking at what the cost is and what the console comes with. Spending $600 for less and then spending more to match the already better valued console is not a good argument Considering the average Joe/Jane's habbits as Casual consumers.

fenderputty4205d ago

is like a natural talent for you isn't it?

milthaar4206d ago

isnt this pretty useless since you can already have a maximum of 500 gig on a ps3 (multiple dirves) are they gona do like a terabite (1000 gig)

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The story is too old to be commented.